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Miriam Rachel

Entrepreneurs tend to work themselves quite hard, and many times end up working on their businesses at 2am because they had to tackle other responsibilities during the day. Especially mompreneurs since they are raising a family, and maintaining a home while running a business. Unfortunately, you may find yourself having to work on your business later than you would like in order to maintain it- however if you do, make sure you take a well deserved break before hand.

Entrepreneurs may have many responsibilities including their businesses to tackle, however, if a break is not taken- that will mean trouble. If you are running a business and have other things to take care of, make sure you schedule in break time in your schedule. I will list the reasons why taking a break is an absolute must.

Having Down Time Helps Maintain Health– If anyone is running themselves ragged 24/7, they are bound to get sick at some point because the body just cannot handle non-stop action and stress. That being said, no matter how busy you are- you need to take a break from everything to recharge. It is crucial for your health.

Breaking From your Work and Other Duties Will Prevent Burnout– Whenever that dreaded burnout happens, you just have no desire to keep up with your work and you will end up shunning your other responsibilities. That is because you are so stressed to the point that you have lost interest in everything and are burned out. Whenever that happens, your business will take a turn for the worse because you have since you are no longer functional. Taking needed breaks on a regular basis will prevent burnout!

Taking Regular Breaks Will Help Keep the Enthusiasm Up– Entrepreneurs are entrepreneurs because at some point something sparked them to create a business and the successful ones find a way to keep that spark to keep it going. However, if you are working 24/7 and not having any downtime, feelings of frustration and resentment will creep up, and that fire you once had will die down. In fact, that is a sign that burnout is on its way. You worked hard to create that business. In order to maintain it, you need to take time away from all of your duties. Even if you are truly passionate about what you do- you still need time to recharge.

Taking Those Breathers Will Help you Stay Social– Most successful business owners are good networkers and enjoy to network. However, if all you are doing is working you will find yourself isolated from others. If all you do is work, you will have little patience for people and in order to maintain a business successfully, you need to have patience! And you need to be present!

In other words, if you don’t take breaks, your business and life will suffer! If you have an urge to stop what you are doing and watch a few videos, or have a snack or coffee, or go have a nap- or even sit there and do nothing, then by all means give in! That is your body telling you it is time to take a break to recharge! And it needs to be done daily.

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