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Welcome to the world of making money from the internet! You as well as many others decided to start attempting to make an income through affiliate marketing. You have likely heard it is easy to make money through affiliate programs, with some good strategic planning of course!

It does not matter whether you are promoting someone else’s products or your own business! It is still YOUR money! So whatever it may be, you would never want to leave money behind, and be vulnerable to people stealing your money in any way or form. Are you confused as to what I am saying?

Take a very good look at the industry! You are going to see that not everyone who decides to go into affiliate marketing is going to succeed. But the ones who ARE successful, not only use strategic planning to help them be successful but are also taking important security measures- to keep them safe from thieves.

Yes that is right! Security is a HUGE key factor in affiliate marketing. If you do not practice good security, then your business will be at very high risk. One of the best ways to be safe is to protect your affiliate links! Please, do not take them for granted. If you are careless when it comes to the security of your affiliate links, you will be losing out!

The long links that you send to your prospects not only look overwhelming but they can be problematic. If you send a link like that to some customers, if they are smart, they will look at the parent company and purchase their goods/services from them instead of from you! See why you need protection? And if your link is non functional, the customer will have to copy and paste it from your message to the browser. What a pain.

You could be a victim of a far worse situation. What if some smart internet pirate stole affiliate links and replaced them with theirs. If they do that, then you would be sucked from your money.

Scared now of those possibilities? I did not intend to do that! I just wanted you to understand the risks of not protecting your links! And believe me it happened to me a lot! That was until I came across ViralURL , that brought a revolution to my online ventures!

So, if you are not getting the results out of your affiliate marketing that you would like, it is not a hopeless situation. There

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