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At some point in our lives we will face difficult times. ?At some point in our lives we will be on top of the world. ?Then there are still some of us that don?t even understand what it feels like to be on top of the world. ?Some of us are enveloped by this dark cloud that seems to follow us no matter where we go. ?Promotions, new relationships, new friendships, or whatever life may bring never quite seems enough. ?Have you ever been looking at Facebook or some other sort of social media and become more depressed looking at all these pictures of other people with these seemingly perfect lives? ?Have you ever wished you were them for just a day?

It seems so long ago, but that was once my reality. ?Partying was once a way to escape what I believed to be a cruel reality, but even that got old. ?Nothing seemed to satisfy me any longer. ?I was simply just existing. ?Several years ago I stumbled upon reading a book called The Secret. ?This book discusses a way out of our hell simply by changing our perspective into one of positivity. ?It uses something called, the law of attraction. ?This basically means that whatever you put into the universe (good or bad thoughts) come back to you in like form.

It didn?t quite hit me several years ago, however, several months ago I re-read the story, along with countless other similar stories hoping to prevent myself from making the same mistakes in my life that inevitably brought me back to darkness and feeling like a victim. ?I realized that I was in control of my misery. ?The number of negative things I told myself on a regular basis was astounding. ?It was no wonder I felt so bad all the time. ?All I was feeding my soul was negativity. ?

I created a list for myself everyday of things that I made sure I did for myself to feed my soul and tried desperately to turn my negative thinking into positive thinking. ?Of course it felt awkward at first, and as if I was lying to myself. ?Though the more I did it, the better I began to feel. ?As my life began unfolding, I began to believe the positive words I said. ?My life began to improve in every area. ?My business began to flourish. ?I no longer sought out hazardous romantic relationships and was finally comfortable being alone. ?I began to let go of people and thigs that were holding me back from my true potential.

The biggest change I noticed around this time was that I truly felt happy. ?This feeling was so foreign to me at first I didn?t understand what it was. ?I was so used to living in chaos and disarray, and for once my life was calm and I loved it. ?I knew it was because of the steps I took. ?I was so motivated by the changes in my life that I decided to write a book to help others as well. ?This book is called ?Utilizing the Power of Positivity to Change your Life.? ?

It is available through amazon kindle and paper back. ?For those who are avid readers and belong to the amazon monthly book club, the book is free. ?My book uses personal experiences, cognitive therapy, and the law of attraction to give you a step by step process to change your life. ?Of course some of us may be so down in the dumps that reading a book at this point is out of the picture. ?I am available by Facebook at if you just need someone to vent to about your issues. ?There are wonderful people out there like myself, Miriam Rachel, and countless of other individuals devoted to helping people get out of the darkness.

Thank you Miriam Rachel for providing me a spot on your blog. ?You are a wonderful person.

Jessica Shaffer, MA


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