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On the last episode of Exploring the Eighth House, Miriam Rachel talks about grief. After the loss of someone or something very important to us, we will grieve. And we all grieve after any loss in our own ways. Grief is a part of life and sometimes we will need extra help to get through it. My guest today is Mary Lee Robinson who is a certified grief coach.

Mary Lee Robinson was widowed suddenly in early 2013. Finding few social outlets and resources after grief counseling, she founded a social club for widows and widowers in her area that grew to 170 members in a year. Next, she decided to gather a group of twenty five widows and widowers and write about their experiences. The book, The Widow or Widower Next Door was completed in 10 months, no easy feat with so many authors.

She also became a Certified Grief Coach, of the American Association of Christian Counselors, to help guide her in her writing. It is also the hope of Mary Lee and the other twenty five storytellers that she will be able to use a portion of the proceeds of the book to establish additional social clubs around the country for widows and widowers. She is here to help grieving widows or anyone who is grieving. Listen to the podcast below.

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