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Whenever something exciting happens in your life, the first thing you would want to do is share it. That is very natural to do. For instance, who would not want to tell everyone that he or she knows that the vacation that he or she has been waiting for years to have has finally been booked? I mean I do agree. That is exciting news. However, before you go and announce on Facebook and Twitter that you had just booked your flight to Paris on July 3rd- consider a few things.

How do you know that everyone in your networks are trustworthy? They may seem like very nice people online. Chances are most of them really are honest and nice individuals like they appear to be online. However, at the same time never assume that. If you start telling everyone on your networks that you are going on vacation and when you are leaving- remember one thing. Anyone can easily find out where you live. All it takes is one person who is not trustworthy to get a hold of that information. Whenever that happens, that individual may plan to break into your home while you are away. The last thing you would want to find when you return home is your house being broken into. Even with a security alarm in place, it is easy for experienced burglars to disarm it. Unfortunately many people have had this occur just from sharing that they were leaving for vacation on a certain date. The best thing to do is to never share that you are going on vacation at all on your social networks. If you are very excited for your follows, friends and fans to know you are visiting a foreign country – then make the announcement after you return! That is right, surprise them. It is much safer that way.

What to do with Social Media Activities While you are on Vacation

It is recommended to always have some kind of social media presence at all times- especially while you are on vacation. Yes, if your social media activities all of a sudden stop, your Klout score will plummet. However, more importantly, your friends, followers and fans will notice there is no activity coming from your end. Many well meaning people will be concerned however, that one non-trustworthy person in your network will also be paying attention to your silence and will start digging into things. Anyone can easily find out what you are up to if they really wanted to. The best thing to do is hire a virtual assistant to take care of your activities while you are away. Likely, you will have access to the internet as well while you are at your hotel or on your mobile phone. Take advantage of that too. And remember too. As tempting as it may be to post pictures of say, the Eiffel Tower at night that you had taken, do not do it! That is a dead give away that you are on vacation (unless you actually do live in Paris however, that is irrelevant in regards to this post). Save that for when you return. Also, do not check into Foursquare while you are away. That is also a big give away right there. Just hire a virtual assistant to take care of your activities. Have him or her post the kind of content that you normally would. And if you can, check into your networks as well to engage. Be sure to turn the location settings off as well when you do. This way, no one will know that you are away. Announcing your vacation date is not the only no-no when it comes to staying safe.

Another time to keep quiet is if you make a big purchase like a car. It is tempting to take pictures of your new car and spread it all over your networks. I realize a lot of people do this. However I really do not recommend it because you could have someone who may be jealous in your networks who could attempt to create trouble. I am not trying to sound paranoid by any means however, this is the truth. If you give too much information online, there will be someone out there who will abuse that if he or she really wanted to.

Another time when it is best to stay silent is if you are throwing a private party. And the keyword is private because if you are announcing online you are having a party, you will have several uninvited guests showing up. Again, if you really want to talk about this party you are having, announce it after the fact.

When it comes to social media, there are many risks that come into play. You absolutely need to use common sense in every aspect of it. Use it wisely, keep quiet when you must, and you will reap the benefits from it.

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