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Media outlets have a new free tool to use that was created by Twitter called Curator. This was announced in February and the purpose of this tool is that the Curator allows companies to collect Tweets based around certain topics, receive access to much better analytics and do more advanced searches.

The Curator can be thought of as a much more advanced version of the advanced search that Twitter allows you to do on its platform. Users are able to fine tune their searches to find Tweets on criteria that may be extremely narrow such as word count, the type of mobile phone was used, as well as where the Tweet was sent from.

According to Curator’s site, it provides “real-time insights into trending topics and conversations on Twitter,” in other words, better analytics. This would be extremely helpful to news outlets identify trends that are going viral or topics with great importance before they are even noticed by most users.

Curator has also given organizations opportunities to collect specific Tweets, the same way as Storify does. Since Storify is extremely successful, it makes a lot of sense that Twitter would want to create a tool like Storify. Therefore, Storify has a competitor which is free.

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