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I have some questions to ask. Are you feeling incredibly irritable, angry, anxious, and fed up? I mean, we all are because of the never-ending COVID-19 issues. However, are you feeling that way, especially after using social media? Well, if you answered yes to that, then you are not alone. What can you do to fix that? If you feel a sense of angst, rage, irritability, and other distressing emotions after scrolling on social media, that is the cause right there.

Whether you are struggling with a diagnosed mental illness or not, social media can be toxic to your mind and overall well-being. I have been irate lately until I realized that once and for all, it was time that I solved the issue behind why I have been so full of rage. Sure, the pandemic is driving me insane. However, that is not the entire issue. Social media has been the biggest culprit. I realized that, and I knew it was time to stop spending so much time on it. Therefore, I decided to deactivate my Facebook account for a few days. I have to tell you I have been much calmer and have felt much better. My mind has been clearer, and my levels of angst are so much less now. According to Healthline, there have been ties associated with social media and depression, and other problems with mental health.

However, I did recently reactivate only for several reasons. That was to begin clearing out my lists and groups and anything else that I find bothersome. Maybe the healthiest thing is to go on a complete social media detox. However, if you find that you can gain some positive things from social media without making you feel worse, you need to know how to clean it up and use it for your benefit. Now, how can you make social media work for you instead of against you? How can you protect your mental health and productivity if you continue to use social media? Let’s talk about that.

Purge Your Friends List

If you find that most of your feed consists of content from those on your list who are only causing you more anguish than entertainment or fascination – then it is time to get rid of them. That is especially if you barely know the connection which is causing you to feel this way. Don’t be afraid to delete them if they are not helping your mental health in any way at all. Besides, a smaller list will allow you to see updates from those who you like. 

If You Don’t Want To Delete, Then Snooze Or Unfollow

Is your good friend constantly rubbing you the wrong way on social media, but you would feel guilt-ridden if you deleted their connection? The good news is that you don’t have to do that. There is no need to delete those who want to keep on your list but cannot handle their intensity or annoyances right now. The simple solution is to unfollow or snooze them. If you do that, you cannot see anything they put out. If, by chance, they message you and ask you why you are not interacting with them, then you can tell them that you have been busy and haven’t seen anything they have shared. That is one example right there why honesty is not always the best policy. You can also unfollow groups or pages that are bringing you stress. 

Leaving Groups That You No Longer Like

Are you getting rattled by having to consistently see updates that stress you out from old groups that you once joined for a purpose? The solution is easy. If you don’t like a group, then you can leave it. If you want the group, but it is not good for your mindset, you can unfollow it. Also, go into the settings of the group and opt to get no notifications from members. That way, you don’t even have to remember that you are part of the group, but you will still be in it when you feel that you can go there again. 

Keep Your Updates And Scrolling To A Minimum

If you want to cut down the time you spend on social media, there is no point in sending updates, including memes. If you don’t send updates, then you will spend less time there and do less scrolling. Even if you see updates from those you want to follow or keep on your list, you may still come across content from them that will upset you. Therefore, you will appear to do nothing, and if a connection messages you and asks you if you are okay since you have been silent, tell them that you are spending less time on social media right now. 

Only Use Social Media For What You Need

If you choose to only go on social media to go after something you need, such as looking for job opportunities or sticking around in some support groups (as long as they don’t stress you out), then only use the platforms for that. There are plenty of jobs to find legitimate online work, DIY tips, entertainment updates about your favorite TV show, or whatever you need, so spend time on those only. That alone will make a world of difference for you. 

Mental health is declining among many people, and it is easy to blame it on the pandemic. However, even before the pandemic happened, that was the case. And after the pandemic is over, that will continue to be the case if you spend too much time on social media and notice that you are very irritable, and if others are worried about your mental health – then that is a sign that it is the culprit. 

It is time to take a break. If you don’t want to get off social media altogether because you can still benefit from it, then utilize the tips I outlined. You will also find that the less time you spend on social media, you will become more productive too!


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