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I am not sure about you but I absolutely love Fiverr. Sure I make a bit of an income on there but I love it because I can get high quality gigs for $5 (or sometimes more which is a perk Fiverr had added to high rated sellers). However apparently 14% of Fiverr sellers claim that Fiverr has been their main source of income.

Hard to believe? Actually not really. Think about it. It is not easy to go out there and get a job anymore. Even building a business of your own from scratch is not easy either, where you have to hustle up business and chase clients around. However, if you are online often, know you have some unique talents you would love to make money off of, you can! You can sell it on Fiverr.

Sure, you will not make much at first as you are really getting $4 per gig someone buys as $1 has to go to the site. But if you consistently deliver good quality work, you will earn higher levels and perks come with those. You can sell additional services or products for $10 or more. The more positive ratings and feedback you get, the more your gigs will be noticed, and the more buyers will buy your gigs. Before you know it, if you are super creative, and can find up to 20 gigs to sell (per user that is all you can do) sure, this CAN turn into a full time income.

Like anything else, it takes time but not nearly as much if you were to create your own business from scratch where you would have to hustle up clients and fight the competition. But hey, you can create your own Fiverr business and not have as much trouble hustling up business.

Sure you still need to advertise your Fiverr gigs but if you are consistently getting excellent feedback and ratings, that alone will get you more exposure and you can even become featured if you are REALLY good! So yep, Fiverr has huge potential for anyone to earn a full time income. So far 14% of Fiverr sellers agree. I bet that percentage will keep increasing.

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