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I am sure many of you who are involved in heavy marketing understand the importance of getting your site and/or blog known as much as possible. That includes writing articles and submitting them to high ranked article directories; bookmarking; tweeting; submitting links to high ranking sites; blog commenting, and receiving lots of blog comments on your blogs. The more your site and/or blog is out there, the higher the page will rank on search engines. And the odds of your stuff being found becomes very high! And that would be great news for you but bad news for your competitors! However, unfortunately in order for your stuff to be out there and marketed properly, you need to really get your stuff out there! Meaning yes, you need to have articles written, you need to get your links out there and submitted to high ranking sites, and you need to bookmark, and even create videos, oh and the list goes on.

And you are probably wondering “how the heck am I gonna have time to do all of that?” and if you are looking to outsource your work, you are probably thinking “how can I possibly afford to do all of that?”. Well you are right, nothing comes for free! But I have great news for you! It IS cheap to outsource, that is if you find the right place to do it!

Go visit the following site:! And why is it called fiverr?? You guessed it! It is because there are plenty of people out there who are either not as busy as you are and want to make some cash- or have quick ways to do amazing things and want to make some cash– and they are there to outsource your stuff for $5/task! That is right! That means if you want one person to do a load of social bookmarking; and another to submit your links to tonnes of high ranking sites; and another to comment on your blogs; and another to write articles for you- that ALONE would only cost you $20!! You get the idea! And if you look for 20 different people to do 20 different tasks for you on fiverr, that would be $100- which is quite inexpensive when it comes to outsourcing! You CANNOT go wrong with that. And remember this, if you are unhappy with what they produce, you can get a refund (because they would rather give you your money back than to get a “thumbs down” rating)!

Set up an account on fiverr, and look towards the right side of the page which will show appropriate categories for your needs such as advertising, social marketing, etc. You will be impressed with what you find and you will not have to worry about time AND money when it comes to getting your stuff out there!!

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