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goal setting

Goal setting breeds success.

Goal setting strategy is a common practice among successful people. Successful people know that people must be proactive instead of reactive. If you are already successful and want to stay that way, goal setting is definitely one way of being in control.

Goals give us direction and objective enhancing our motivation and focus. It allows us to look beyond our actions and see the progress that has made. This expectation provides us with fuel to further our drive to reach our goals.

The strategy of goal setting is an influential aspect of every research and practice in improving performance.

Goal Setting Strategy

There are a few goal setting strategies that should be considered first before actually outlining goals. Visualize this strategy and picture the story of the bucket that never appears to fill up:

1. Core values

The most important goal setting strategy is to make a decision on what is important to you. If you can identify your main values you can decide what core projects to set that your life should have primary focus on.

Visualize that these core values are the rocks that would be the first to be fit down in the bucket.

2. Secondary Values

We could divide the core values of our life into different aspects. We can then find secondary values to complement the core values that you have identified previously.

Imagine that these secondary values are the pebbles that will fit down into the bucket in the spaces that are between the rocks.

These pebbles are a representation of the other projects that contribute towards those widest categories of your life

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