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How would you feel if you were minding your own business, sitting in a business meeting or having a coffee- or whatever you are doing and a bunch of guerrillas started running out on the loose throwing papers into your face! And just out of no where. Oh that would either understandably frighten others and yet deep down curious as to what these papers were about – or people would be so shocked to see a guerrilla on the loose that they would stay behind and let the guerrilla give the paper to them, out of shock! Talk about an innovative and creative way to market! Oh and not to mention cheap!! How much does it cost to set a bunch of guerrillas on the loose with flyers or papers that did not cost much to copy and create? Now do you know why they call this kind of marketing “Guerrilla marketing” even though my above scenario based on the video was very literal “Guerrilla marketing” lol.

So if you have never heard the term, ever, “Guerrilla marketing”, based on that you could easily figure out what it means. Now I will be serious and explain!

Guerrilla marketing is all about creating innovative and unconventional marketing tactics, as well as creating buzz! It relies on time, imagination and energy rather than a big budget which many new business beginners do not have enough of to begin with. The main goal of guerrilla marketing is to create unusual, unique and brain picking concepts to create buzz which will in the end turn viral.
Back in 1984, author and marketer Jay Conrad Levinson wrote a book Guerrilla Marketing.

This concept has obviously been around for a while. Today, the term Guerrilla Marketing is used to be described for media that is still quite non-traditional. Examples are Reverse Graffiti which are clean pavement adverts. Even viral marketing counts which is marketing through social networks, which is a very Aquarian way to market (even if it is the norm now, it still is quite innovative compared to news papers, radio advertising, etc). Wild posting campaigns definitely qualifies. Buzz marketing is an example of Guerrilla marketing since it is considered to be word of mouth marketing. Wait marketing is also an example to target those who are waiting in line for food, or an appointment and the people waiting are given product info from business owners who are wandering around to find these prospects. Street givaways of products, PR stunts, as well as just any unusual and unconventional methods of marketing are all considered to be Guerrilla Marketing. Today it involves the cutting edge mobile digital technologies to get the consumer and to make unforgettable brand experience. Remember, if it involves you getting the best results of creative and innovative ways to market on a low budget is what Guerrilla Marketing is all about! Not literally guerrillas running around the streets giving away flyers 🙂 Though that would qualify as a guerrilla marketing tactic, with a pun!

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