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At one time, you laughed about certain conspiracy theories such as the flat earth one, which I did for a long time, Illuminati, and chemtrails. Chemtrails? WTF? Really? Well, you would shrug it off and think that those who believe in those silly conspiracy theories were so out of touch with reality. And they are. However, there was never really a tie between conspiracy theorists and mental health before the era of COVID.

However, now that we have been struggling in COVID for almost a year, people’s mental health has been poor, according to the CDC. Lives were turned upside down, and all of a sudden, the safest way to socialize is through Zoom and technology. Small business owners are struggling. There have sadly been many suicides happening as a result of this as well, and the risk was there since this began, according to the Mayo Clinic. Not to mention, you have plenty of grieving families losing their loved ones to COVID, suicide, or any other illness that the deceased patient could not tend to because of the restrictions. The pandemic has brought so many tragedies to so many families. And the last thing anyone needs are conspiracy theorists getting into their way.

Why Are Conspiracy Theorists So Damaging During The Era Of COVID?

The answer is quite simple. That is because conspiracy theorists are telling everyone that COVID is a hoax and the pandemic is a ‘plandemic’. It is bad enough for those who have to hear that from conspiracy theorists who have lost their loved ones as a result of the pandemic whether it was from COVID or anything else. And that is the last thing that small business owners who lost their businesses need to hear as well. Therefore, you will see even more people struggling with depression and anxiety because of these individuals that put out false information about the pandemic.

To make matters even worse, you have the anti-vaxxers cooking up false information about the COVID vaccines that are beginning to earn approval by several countries. The vaccine is the only hope for the pandemic to end. Fortunately, there are not enough anti-vaxxers in the world to impact whether or not herd immunity happens as they can live their jolly lives without getting the needle all they like. The concern is that they can brainwash those who are on the fence about getting the vaccine.

And if not enough people get the vaccine, that means that herd immunity won’t happen quickly. Not only will it delay the pandemic, but it will cause a stronger mutation of COVID to happen, which will be resistant to the vaccines that are ready to be released right now. That is the last thing that anyone wants. And that will not only cause more COVID deaths to happen, but more small businesses to fail and more suicides to happen. Why would anyone end up getting to the point of having the desire to end their existence? Because of poor mental health. If you are struggling with depression, then you do not see any light at the end of the tunnel. And conspiracy theorists can easily cause more damage that way to others.

I definitely agree that more information about these upcoming vaccines must come out as people, including myself, must know what is going into our bodies. And I think it is a good thing that they are slowly rolling the vaccine out to gain more trust. I am also for travel companies and ticket vendors, placing restrictions on those who refuse to get the vaccine.

I personally do see an end to COVID next year, but the risk is always there that it won’t, and if it does not end, it is a result of the conspiracy theorists and their brainwashing. The madness needs to end already. COVID is genuine, and the vaccine is the thing that will end it. End of story. The only thing that will help heal people’s mental health is to end in sight of this pandemic. However, adjusting to normal life after the pandemic is over will be a whole other animal to deal with. Let’s get rid of this thing first, and then we will deal with the rest.

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