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Having an at-home office can be a dream for some people—the ability to be home with family, their pets, and having the breathable room to work. However, working from home is the only option for some workers, making them feel isolated. Today, we’ll discuss how personalizing your home office can improve your mood. 

Use of Inviting Colors

Positive Colors

Updating the color of your home office walls can influence the overall mood. Darker colors can decrease inspiration, so try using colors such as:

  • Earthy neutrals (browns, greens, greys, etc.)
  • Soft blushes and creams
  • Accent wall colors

The ideas are endless! Incorporating cheerful and natural colors will brighten up the room and create the illusion of extra creative space.

Decorations Are Bountiful

Candles and Incense

Incorporating stimulating scents into your workspace can create an array of different moods. For example, sandalwood and sage can create a calming and soothing environment. Another is the use of citrus and florals, exciting the brain and boosting energy overall.

Wall Décor

When brainstorming on how personalizing your home office can improve your mood, filling up bare walls with inspiring wall décor comes to mind. By adding a framed photo of your favorite philanthropist or placing eye-catching plants on your wall shelves, it creates a positive and inviting environment.

Adding Light

Incorporating light into your home office brings positivity forward. How you decide on office lighting ideas is up to you. Natural lighting from windows or a Vitamin D light placed on your work desk—it’s all up to you.

Changing the Tone

Working in silence can be suitable for some, but for others, it can prevent mood balancing. You can include a few audio choices like:

  • Podcasts and commentary
  • White noises
  • Calm, ambient music

By providing yourself with background audio, it can promote positive emotions and energy to the brain.

Your workspace shouldn’t weigh down your heart. It should be a safe place to spend most of your day while also being a comfortable reminder of how hard you work. Don’t let those blinds stay closed; open them up and bring in the good thoughts.

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