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As I have constantly said, having a high Klout score is important especially for entrepreneurs, those in the marketing and social media field, as well as job seekers for those fields in particular because it is an “attention getter”. It is an indicator that you have a strong social presence which is extremely important to have. However, what is more important is how you are building that score, and what you are sharing through your social media profiles on every platform. And if you are increasing your score by sharing inappropriate content, then it is meaningless.

The fact of the matter is, Klout is a tool and if you misuse any tool, it is not going to serve you in anyway. That being said, I know a lot of people who have been working on building up a high Klout score for the wrong reasons and that on its own misrepresents not just Klout however, the benefits of social media. I will list the 2 top motivations for people who are building up their Klout score for reasons that are wrong.

Ego Boosting

As I have stated many times previously, your Klout score is not meant to measure your ego or worth or anything of that nature. Unfortunately a lot of people misuse Klout by building a high score just for that reason. They are not interested in sharing worth-while content, as they either share poor quality content or attempt to game the system (which does not work so easily anymore as Klout is catching on to those who are blatantly doing that).


For anyone who is building their Klout score just to boost their egos, then they need to stop doing what they are doing and do some serious soul searching. For some people, especially if they have no real reason to build a strong social presence (and yes in some instances having a strong social presence is not necessary even though it is the exception and not the rule) you don’t need to pay attention to your Klout score. The only exception to this is if you want to get perks which many stay at home moms enjoy doing. However, if you want a high score because you believe it measures your worth, you cannot be more wrong! That is not Klout’s intention, nor was it ever, nor will it ever be!


This actually ties in with building up a high score to inflate egos. If you are competitive by nature, then that again is ego related. I have seen people work hard at building their scores up (even if they are sharing content that is of high quality) just for the sake of attaining a higher score than someone they know (and usually don’t like). Again that is not Klout’s intention and that should not be anyone’s intention for using the tool.

Klout is not a game. Just remember it is a tool! If you have a good motivation to build your online presence and to utilize social media the right way, which most of us in this day and age should- then learn how to do it correctly and once you do, your score will increase and you will reap benefits as a result.

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