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If you asked your best friend, spouse or colleagues what was missing in their lives, do you think that anyone would answer ?A more spiritual life?? If you think they might, that is a great sign, since numerous studies have shown that those who are more spiritual, are happier.

It doesn?t matter what particular faith or organization you follow; making time to reconnect with your inner self, and understanding that we are all part of something greater than ourselves, gives us a sense of community and support, and enables us to weather the many storms we encounter including?mental conditions such as anxiety or depression. Interestingly, it is far easier and less time-consuming to enrich our spiritual side as we think. This is great news for moms on the run, who can sometimes find juggling work, home life and the needs of our children to be challenging.

Connecting with Nature

Research has shown that spending time in a beautiful forest or park?wields a host of health benefits, including lowering stress levels, improving our short-term memory, restoring energy, improving our vision and immunity, and enhancing our concentration. Anxiety and depression are also eased by the great outdoors, leading scientists to conclude that outdoor walks can be useful as a supplement to existing treatments for major depression. Nature can also?strengthen our tie to the spiritual world. The Native American Indians and Australia?s Aborigine people have always related nature to spiritual occurrences – from creation stories to those explaining how traditions began. Simply being in Nature makes it easy to tune in to our inner world, since it instills a sense of mindfulness, ?being in the here and now?, where our daily worries and distractions seem to pale in comparison to the majesty of the present moment.

Readings on Spirituality

In Eckhart Tolle?s best-selling?The Power of Now, the author encourages readers to find our true, deepest self, by explaining that the natural enemy of true enlightenment, is our own mind. We are our own creators of pain, and it is only by living in the present moment that we can discover the power of our essential self: ?the eternal, ever-present One Life beyond the myriad forms of life that are subject to birth and death.? This and other books can make us feel braver and more confident about our decision to lead a more spiritually rich life.

Engaging in Spiritual Practices

Many people find that?by taking part in holistic practices?such as yoga, their spiritual side awakens. Through its combination of asanas and controlled breathing, yoga instills a mindful state, making us?comfortable in our own skin?and more aware of our thoughts, emotions, and sensations. If you can back up yoga classes with mindfulness meditation, you will certainly be more prepared to see the interconnectedness of life and the importance of compassion and self-compassion.

Being more spiritual makes us happier people, but how do you manage to do so when we seem to be constantly in a rush? The answer lies in making it a priority; finding time to visit natural settings, read, and pursue holistic activities. We can also take part in community-based religious activities if we desire, which is a magnificent way of finding support on our journey to greater spirituality.

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