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I had a confusing incident earlier today. Out of nowhere, I received a message from someone on Facebook who I don’t even know. This person said Sorry but I only friend people I’ve actually met and I don’t think this is the case here. If you are looking for digital marketing information, please connect with me via my business page.?




Uh well, I don’t recall sending this particular person a friend request but from the looks of it, I must have done so years ago when I did want to connect with other marketers. There must have been a reason that I wanted to connect with this individual at the time, which I can’t remember now. And, I don’t send just anyone a friend request on Facebook unless I feel there is a reason to connect with someone on a more personal level.

However, I have an issue with how this person responded for several reasons. Firstly, if I did send this person a request on Facebook years ago like I figured, why did it take them this long to state how they were rejecting my request? Secondly, if you are such a ‘marketing guru’ like this person claims to be, then why turn down friend requests anyway? Isn’t proper marketing all about growing your connections and getting to know others better on a more personal level?

Thirdly, if this person only wanted others to connect with them through their Facebook page, then why even bother having a public Facebook profile with plenty of your mutual friends there? Additionally, there?could have been a message on this person’s profile about how the profile is only used among personal friends and family- and could have directed potential clients and others to the page only through that message.

Instead, this person basically bragged on their profile how they were an expert marketer for over 25 years! That doesn’t exactly scream privacy for me. And, another reason that this individual did not appear to be overly private either is that this person’s kids and other personal stuff were shared publicly.

So to sum up, I don’t even remember requesting this person as a friend, but apparently, I did at one time. Secondly, that is very odd and nervy of this person to go out of their way to message me to tell me how they only accept friend requests from people who they personally know (not very marketing savvy if you ask me). And, thirdly, if this person really wanted their privacy, then they could have done a better job with making their profile private and not so enticing to invite new connections.

My bet is that this individual is not even close to being a ‘marketing guru’ and has an overinflated ego instead. Anyway, that’s my rant for the day!

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