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A major criterion for people who own blogs is to get subscribers. There are many ways they can

publicise their blog. One of the biggest ways is to get social media involved in your blog, mainly

because there are lots of people on these networks who might like your blog.

Here are few tips and ways you can enhance your blog by using a social media website.

1. Have a Page about your Blog on Facebook:

Creating a page on Facebook is very easy. One of the ways to show people that you have a blog

is by creating a profile for it on Facebook. Explain what your blog is about and what is in it. You

never know when a stranger in this network may like the page and become a potential subscriber.

2. Correlate with StumbleUpon:

StumbleUpon is a great widget or site that people use to view random interesting websites. All

they have to do is click on a StumbleUpon icon on their web browser, and they land up on a

page that they have never visited before. These pages carry interesting facts that you never have

heard of. So establish a contact with them, so that they may stumble upon your blog and find it


3. Join Groups on Facebook for Bloggers:

There are quite a number of people on Facebook who write blogs. Establish contact with them

by joining a blogger group on this social media network. This helps you as a blogger, to become

better by talking to the other bloggers. They can help you by giving you input on how to blog

better and so on. You can also find bloggers who write articles on different topics like lifestyle,

finance, missold ppi and so on. They can also give you better ideas about new topics and SEO tools

that can help in optimisation of your blog.

4. Have Social Media icons on your Blog:

Have some social media icons like Twitter and Facebook on your blog on the top of the page.

This allows people to directly access your accounts on these social networks. This helps in gaining


5. Helping Your Business Blog:

If you own a blog that is entirely for business, you can use a social media network to promote your

business. Post various products that you have and trying to sell on these networks. Post ads in

such social networking sites.

Author bio: Lucy works at a convenience store. She is a freelance writer for many websites and

magazines. She focusses on topics like food, technology, missold ppi and travel.

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