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If you follow these basic rules, nothing stands in the way of the success of your business on Instagram.

If you want more commitment, go to Instagram. But here, too, it is not simply to open an account and hope that the community comes by itself. As with other social networks, there are rules that must be considered as companies to create an authentic feed that can lead to healthy and organic growth.

Do?s & Don’ts in Instagram Marketing:

As a digital marketing expert, I have been inspired by Social Media Marketing and also summarized the most important rules for a successful Instagram Marketing.


# 1 Post Regularly

In order to appear in the feeds of the users and do not fall into oblivion with them, you have to post regularly. How often, however, this is a matter of interpretation and also depends on how much content you can realistically prepare. For some, three posts a week, others post up to two times a day.

# 2 The link in the Bio

You cannot place links (free of charge) under organic posts on Instagram. The only allowed place for a link can be found in your profile, also known as Bio. This is also easy to change with just a few clicks. So, you can include certain blog posts or landing pages – depending on the actuality.

#3 Bio

The ability to fill out your profile is often overlooked, but it is probably a valuable feature. Not only should you fill it out at all, it is also important to make it right. Because you use relevant keywords here, you are easier to find for interested users.

# 4 CATs in posts

To promote interactions, ask questions or ask your community to give their opinions on a specific topic.

# 5 Double-sided interactions

Nothing comes from nothing, that is, of course, also for Instagram – and here even more than on other platforms. Interact with your community and participate proactively, not only for your own autonomy, it also increases interactions and has a positive effect on the growth of the community.

# 6 The signature look

Here is some more time involved, but it is worth it: Your feed should be visually consistent. Recurring elements, the same coloring or just the same filter – these are factors that make a visual consistency.

#7 Relevant Hashtags

You can put up to 30 hashtags under each post. Some advice to make full use of this, to find others method works desperately. The fact is, the more (relevant!) Hashtags, the higher usually the commitment. In any case, you should take the time for your brand-relevant Hashtags and try to use them regularly. In order to make your work easier, you can also access apps like Tag O ‘Matic, which will let you pertinent relevant related hashtags to your suggestions.


# 8 Too often post

The maximum posting should be daily for two postings. And you should publish these as far away as possible from each other. Nothing bugs Instagram users more than 15 photos in a row from the same account. No matter how much your community loves you – if you’re demanding your patience too much, the Unfollow is just a click away. This rule applies as long as the algorithm has not yet been executed. After that, it may look different.

# 9 User Content

An explicit DO for this – but under reserve: If you want to use content from users, you should ask them before, even if the terms do not explicitly require this. Otherwise, you probably do not make friends.

#10 Bot Apps

You must resist the temptation to download one of the countless apps that you can use to automate posts and comment. The generic comments are all too easy to unmask and affect your reputation as anything but good. Take the time to really interact with your community – this is a much more sustainable method than dodgy bot apps.

# 11 The Follow Unfollow Game

Also very popular with brands to generate more followers is that, we call it “follow-unfollow game”. The game works like this: A company follows an arbitrary user, who often gets noticed and visits the bio of the following. If he likes the content, he follows the company back. A day later the company does not follow him anymore, because it has used this current mesh to attract followers for himself. The calculation usually does not last long, is dubious and annoying every user who is active on Instagram for more than two weeks. Please do not.

#12 Irrelevant Content

If you have nothing to say, leave it. It is always better to post less content, but content and relevant content, than to publish nonstop contributions for the sake of commitment, which do not fit into your brand at all.

Happy reading.

About Author:

Aarif Habeeb is a SEO Expert in Jaipur, Analytics and Digital Marketing Evangelist. He is a founder of Digital Marketing Crab. a Digital Marketing Agency. Over the last 3 years, Aarif has successfully developed and implemented online marketing, SEO, and conversion campaigns for startups and businesses of all sizes. He spends his days doing digital marketing, Industry research and blogging about content marketing, SEO, website Design. Feel free to connect with Him.


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