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I was shocked enough last week as it was when I saw a huge jump in my score from adding my Wikipedia page to Klout. I had just gotten up to 78, after slowly climbing, then dropping down a few hundredths of a point – and then mountaineering again at 77 since November 1, 2012. Then after adding my Wikipedia page, I shot up to 81. And then just this week I climbed up nearly half a point, and now I am not far off from the 82 cusp. I knew that my score was going to climb after adding my Wikipedia page (although I did not think by 3 points), however I had no idea what I had done this time for my score to go up quite a bit. And when you are so high up, going up a half a point or even a third of a point in a day is a huge deal. I also noticed that a lot of people’s scores had sky-rocketed as well (and they certainly noticed that too).

My social media activity was not exactly over the top this past week. I did not really receive more interaction than usual and this is why I had wondered what the jump in my score was due to. Just this morning I had discovered that Klout added Instagram to it’s platform. Yes, you were able to hook Instagram up to Klout before hand. However, any activity that was done there would not have impacted your score. Now it does!

Instagram Counts for Klout

I have to say I really was never a huge user of Instagram (or Foursquare as you can see from my snapshot lol), however, now that is going to change- I will be using Instagram and Foursquare a lot more often. I invite you to follow me on Instagram and my username is msmir75. And if you are an active Instagram user and have not yet hooked it up to your Klout account- definitely do so! Your score will definitely go up! I am glad to see that Klout is allowing more networks to contribute to your score.

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