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Christmas; the most expensive time of the year has just finished and people are not as fool-hardy?with their money and are tightening the purse strings to save anything they can for the upcoming?year. However, January sales can counteract this and drive customers to part with their pennies?once again. Online retailing is becoming more and more important as people avoid the winter?weather and traffic, instead opting for shopping from the comfort of their armchair.

People tend to receive money as a gift at this time of year and this means that, after purchasing?for others in the previous month, people are more likely to shop for themselves in January. This is?especially true if they come across a bargain they can?t resist.

As an online retailer it may seem that it?s harder to see what?s going on in relation to your site;?a feeling that your customers are hidden behind a metaphorical wall. It?s a proven fact that your?customers think the same thing; people are more likely to purchase if they feel they can have some
kind of human interaction before parting with their cash.

Google recently looked into this and their results showed that 63{a0065375a7e2d1c093abc1aba7894b1ad713a40df7f413d8a34d916c8e570350} of people prefer some kind?of human interaction before making an online purchase. Customers can seek advice via ?online?advisors? who can offer assistance and can deal with any queries that customers may have. While?this strategy has been successfully implemented by a wide number of companies, it is still not?comparable to hearing an actual voice when making a purchase. Making sure your website has?as many human elements in it as possible will help build that trust which customers crave before?parting with their card details.

People are still very wary about spending money online and will always research a site before?entering any payment information. You may be unaware but by not having things like an address or?a phone number on your site you could effectively be throwing sales away because your site does?not look trustworthy even if it is genuine.

By using a unique phone number on your site you can track your investment to see your return. This?means that each visitor will be given a dynamic number that no one else will use; by using this you?will be able to track the visitor and see their online habits in conjunction with the analytics of the
site: you can see which pages they have visited before, during and after the call, how long was spent?at each stage. In addition to this, if they used organic search, it will identify the keyword that led?them to your site. By helping your consumers you are helping your business and some of the most
successful businesses are built around meeting their customer?s needs.

By using techniques like these you can see how well your January sale is working and how it is?driving your sales up; it also means that you can get rid of some of your hard-to-sell stock that you?may want clearing. You can see which tactics are paying off for you by being able to monitor the?performance of your site as it can be difficult to realise your online strengths and weaknesses if you?don?t have the complete picture across all conversion types.

BIO: This guest post was written on behalf of UK based call tracking specialists ResponseTap

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