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law of attraction

I am sure many people have heard of The Secret. When I did read the book, I was in a very bad place in my life several years ago. I believed at the time that perhaps there was truth to some of it. But I believed the majority was bunk. I was in no shape to practice it. Today, while I am thankfully at a much better place in my life, I actually think there is more truth to The Secret than before. However, I have to say, not by much. I still think that a lot of it is bunk.

At this time, lets focus on the legitimate points about The Secret, or any kind of Law of Attraction book:

1. When you shift into a positive mindframe, you will attract positive people and weed out the negative ones (or inspire them), and you will attract better things in general. All because your vibration is higher.

2. When you are thinking more positively, you will want to weed out junk food (except for the occasional chocolate treat) and possibly even lose weight naturally.

3. You will start to enjoy life and snap out of the victim mode.

4. Make note of what you are thankful for instead of focusing what is wrong in your life.

Those are legitimate points about the Law of Attraction, and THOSE do work. What the Law of Attraction is, when you think a thought, speak a word and act in a certain way, the energies go out to the Universe. Therefore if you are thinking negative thoughts all of the time, you will keep running into negative people and attracting more negativity. That includes on focusing what you don’t want in life. Because focusing on what you don’t want will keep the energies going and will attract more things in life you simply don’t want. This is why it is important to focus the things you DO want and believe what is very important to you, will come. For instance, you start a business and have a positive mindset. You will naturally attract good marketers to help you market the business the right way, and sooner rather than later you will be successful.

However, a friend of mine and I were discussing it a few days back. What turns people off about the Law of Attraction is that there are so many so-called gurus hyping it.

They make outrageous and false promises that if you follow the Law of Attraction, you can cure diseases, and basically have everything go your way if you visualize it. No, sorry I do not at all buy into that.

I firmly believe that when we incarnate into this earth we are given certain challenges that will not disappear even if you use the Law of Attraction. And sometimes life just deals you a difficult hand. But the thing to remember is, if we follow the Law of Attraction, we can make our lives better and be happier regardless of our situation.

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