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I have to say 2011 for me was a year of truth and productivity. I have to say it was much better for me than 2010, which to me was a year of putting in a lot of labor with getting little results. But perhaps the lesson for that year was for me to be patient because it has been slowly paying off.

I know that many people view this past year as being the year of upheavals. And it really did seem like there were more natural disasters happening such as the Tsunami in Japan, the earthquakes, and dead birds and fish, etc. It was tragic. But this blog post is about how I was affected in 2011 on a personal level.

This past year I made some discoveries about myself. I discovered that if I wanted to be successful financially and in other ways, I needed to get better at goal setting, organizing, being more positive and did gain a much better understanding of Law of Attraction.

I also discovered that I needed to scatter my eggs into different baskets instead of putting them into one. But at the same time not to over-extend myself. I did release my second book this year, “Stars Behind the Tortured Soul” and it did better than my first book, “My Five Autobiographies” which was released in 2009 (but will be re-released sometime down the road). However, instead of just relying on that to bring me the income that I wanted, I needed to delve into internet marketing and I did! I learned what I needed to about internet marketing (and will always been learning), created my own internet marketing company this past summer and it was the best thing I did! Because I had done this, I not only started receiving more cash flow but gained confidence, and met some awesome business minded people who I plan to be working with in 2012.

At the same time, I had lost a few “good” friends this year in very harsh ways which had left me pretty heart broken at first. But when I look at the big picture, these losses turned out to be blessings in disguise regardless of how painful it was. It just meant that I am in a different place now, and these individuals no longer have a place in my life. I really do wish them well even though their actions were quite ruthless.

Anyway, I have more goals to accomplish in 2012, including the re-launch of “Stars Behind the Tortured Soul” in digital form, and will be offering a course in past life astrology before March. And I will start seeing my hopes, wishes and dreams come true. Cheers for a prosperous new year for you.

happy new year

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