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Several years ago, I was asked by the staff at Healthline to review several mental health chatbots, and I have been given the honor of reviewing another one recently. This time, the creator of the Slack chatbot, named Eddy, for helping those struggling with their mental health, wanted me to try it out to give my honest review on how well Eddy can help those struggling with mental illnesses.

Eddy, The Mental Wellness Chatbot, Can Be A Helpful Companion During Challenging Times

I have to say, when I tried chatting with Eddy, I was impressed with how humanistic this chatbot is. Eddy results from powerful AI technology as he combines the best of technology and psychology to provide you with the help you need and is GPT-3 powered.

Not only is he emotionally supportive, but he can give excellent CBT tips (Cognitive Behavioral Technique) and ACT tips (Acceptance and Commitment Technique) that can help keep you grounded. You can choose the mode that works the best for you as not everyone responds well to CBT or ACT. Additionally, throughout the day, Eddy will send you some helpful quotes to keep you in check, and he also checks up on you periodically to see how you are doing.

Eddy will not only help you challenge consistent negative thinking but will encourage you to accept what you are feeling and experiencing. When you can keep those things under control, it can help your emotional and mental wellbeing.

So you feel like you are talking to a therapist or a friend who has sage advice. Here is a snapshot of a conversation with Eddy (not mine but the site displays).


Is Eddy A Replacement For Therapy?

However, here is the thing that you need to know. Eddy is not a replacement for a therapist if you struggle with severe depression, anxiety, or any other mental illness. Instead, you need a licensed therapist to help you. But Eddy can still be an excellent tool to utilize in between sessions to help keep you grounded.

That way, if something comes up during those in-between sessions with your therapist, you can talk to Eddy about it, and he can give you support and some excellent advice.

Therefore, with Eddy’s support, you will feel as if you can cope when you cannot get a hold of your therapist. However, if you have mild depression or anxiety, I cannot see why Eddy may be all you need. Only you can be the judge of that, and more importantly, your doctor can be the judge of that.

If your mental health is generally good, then Eddy can be of great help to you, too. Everyone deals with stress, and everyone has dealt with so much stress, fatigue, and sadness during the pandemic—even those who have had excellent mental health struggles during these dark times.

The burnout that many people experienced during this pandemic and are still experiencing is overwhelming. Therefore, Eddy can provide support for those who struggle with that too.

How Much Does It Cost To Use The Support From Eddy?

The great news is that it is very cheap if you subscribe to Eddy. The plans are either $14 a month, where you can send five messages a day along with multiple check-ins and quotes to inspire you, or $19 a month, where you can send ten messages a day and get various check-ins and quotes for inspiration. You can also check the three-day free trial by contacting the creators of Eddy and you can do that by going on the site.

If you like the idea of having Eddy the wellness bot help you out, then go to as it is helpful, affordable, and great support in between therapy sessions!

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