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Ok, I just want to take this opportunity to share my story of how I had drastically increased my Klout score in a relatively short period of time. My interest in social media had become very strong at this point which was this past spring (though I had been doing it for a while but apparently not quite well). I was invited to Klout (and I knew what it was a year ago but was not ready to get into it then and really paid no attention to it either- amazing what can change in just 6 months, let alone a year) about 6 months ago and discovered I had a score of 47. Just so you know, if you use Twitter, you have a Klout score anyway and most of the time that score is not going to be high unless you happen to be a true Twitter rock star. This is why it is advisable to officially open up a Klout account and to connect your other networks and learn how to improve your social media skills! That is unless you are so opposed to doing that. You may as well just dump your Twitter account and dump social media all together. But that also is not advisable since social media is becoming prevalent. Anyway I will get into the benefits later and let’s get back on topic.

Before the change in August, Klout’s algorithm was different and less effective. However, I did know at the time that 47 was a score that was not great but above average (which was 20 back then). But from that moment when I officially joined Klout, I absolutely knew it was time for me to not just increase my score but to really understand what made an effective social media presence.

Anyway, to make a long story short I had connected with someone who had a score of 73 at the time who had taught me some useful and winning social media tips. Once I implemented his strategies, my score went up to 50. I will always be thankful for this individual for helping me out like he did. However, I had learned some other tips from other social media experts. And as I had gotten better with my own networking skills, I was also noticed a lot more by using these social media tactics to the point that high quality networkers wanted to connect with me and some even had given me some business whether it was SEO or astrology related (not doing readings so much now for obvious reasons as social media now is my true passion). But either way, after I had learned some tips on how to improve my social media presence while my Klout score was increasing- I ended up with a much bigger network of high quality professionals who were interested in what I offered. They were interested in me.

Now remember, I had joined Klout in June with a score of 47. In August, before the algorithm change took place I had skyrocketed it up to 60 by using the tips that I had learned from true social media experts. Yes, it went up 13 points in a matter of 6 weeks or so and I did not use any blackhat or gaming tactics to do that.

After the algorithm change had taken place, many people’s scores had dropped significantly if it was found that they were using blackhat or gaming tactics to increase it. I was actually afraid of going back to 47 again right before the change had taken place (normal “fear of the unknown” kind of thing). However, I was delighted to discover that my score had skyrocketed to a whopping 73! And now my score is 77 (and yes the higher up you go, the slower it climbs but I am still climbing and 78 is on the horizon!). I had learned even more and effective methods to create a highly successful online presence to the point that you are truly a rockstar in your industry (and astrology is not it because that was my choice). I am giving this opportunity to share some of these tips with you for free.

The most important thing in social media is to make sure you have clean and attractive profiles! It is all explained in this free 14 minute video.

So let’s review. You must make sure your social media profiles (sticking with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus for now) are filled up with everything relevant about you! Put up a clean and professional avatar of yourself. Fill in the “about” areas in Facebook and Google Plus about your interests, who you are and your professional life. Compact it in a sentence in your Twitter profile. Optimize your LinkedIn profile as well. That is where it all starts and then start networking and putting out compelling information out there! That is when the magic begins. You are probably thinking to yourself as to why it is important to have a high Klout score. I did review this with you already but I will review it again.

If you are in fields such as general internet marketing, SEO, social media especially, or if you are a coach, writer, artist, musician, politician, or business owner you must understand the ins and outs of social media AND how to properly engage with others online so you can become truly influential in your fields of expertise. This is what Klout measures (whether it is 100% accurate or not is irrelevant because it is accurate enough to indicate how well you are truly networking with others online). What you do online spills over to your offline world. In those fields you are expected to know how to work with social media properly. Your Klout score is looked at by many people for that reason alone.

If your Klout score is low, it is hurting you! How so? You may have lost some excellent speaking engagement opportunities, have been turned down for blogging opportunities by those who have blogs that receive boatloads of traffic, or even wonderful job opportunities if your score is low. If you are a business owner and and you have a low Klout score, some potential clients who are looking may have considered hiring you but decided to go to your competitor who has a higher score than you. So whether you agree with Klout’s purpose or not, why not work with it instead of fighting it??

I am giving you my free ebook, a guide which will teach you how to properly engage with others online and to be considered influential through your social networks called Seven Ways to Lock in High Social Media Rankings -Get Klout. This ebook is valued at $27 but I am giving it away for free to you. Now if you have already opted in and received this ebook, please read it carefully. It will teach you what you need to know in order to truly engage with others online properly. I will also give you a special bonus if you opt in. I will be giving you a useful social media tip a day! So go get the ebook and let me help you improve your social media presence and engagement- and to skyrocket your Klout score!

You are wondering why it even matters to have a high Klout score anyway. Well, if you are in those fields that I had stated earlier, it is advisable to understand the importance of Klout and social media. I am happy to tell you a few benefits you will receive if you have a high Klout score.

If you have a high score you will be offered amazing opportunities, get noticed by high quality professionals and have them adding you to their circles, which will in the end bring more traffic to your social media platforms and websites which inevitably will convert to sales. You will also receive free upgrades and perks and other great things. Perhaps even free trips! So why not do yourself a favor and work with the system because it will help you!

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