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You struggle with mental illnesses, whether you have depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder, or so on, and you want and need validation. You need support, and you need to know that you are not alone when it comes to your struggles. I have talked about the dangers of social media regarding having mental illnesses, as scrolling on feeds can make you struggle even more with it. That is because those with depression or other psychological health issues will easily feel inferior if they see that the lives of others appear better than theirs. You know how it is if that is your struggle. You can’t help but compare yourself to others, which always turns into a recipe for disaster for your self-esteem. When you are going through a difficult time limiting how much you use your social media strictly.

Ditch The Feeds And Stick To The Support Groups

You may want to even disable or log out of Instagram, but Facebook, you may want to keep using. That is because when it comes to Instagram, you will only see things that others post that will make you jealous. For instance, if you are in locked-down Canada but see your American friends gather around in restaurants, that is one reason not to look at these posts if this is bothering you (Canada’s turn is coming soon anyway for that).

However, Facebook is another story. I would say to keep away from the feeds on Facebook and stick to joining support groups for your mental illness. You will receive the care, support, and validation you need. However, beware of those who want to message you and act as if all of a sudden they have your best interest at heart. They will reel you in by telling them they will be there for you and for you to talk to them about your struggles.

Then all of a sudden, they tell you that they once suffered from depression or any other mental illness until they found the best cure. That right there makes you skeptical since there is no cure for mental illness. Yes, you know that if you find the right treatment, you can manage your mental illness, and even then, you will have bad days because that is inevitable when it comes to any illness! However, that is not what this ‘new friend’ is saying. They found the cure, and they are ready to introduce you to it!

This so-called miracle cure that they are peddling is a ploy for you to join their MLM or multi-level marketing team! They are not interested in helping you. They are only interested in your wallet and growing their downline, which will in the end leave you broke and feeling even worse about yourself after learning that you fell for it.

MLM Peddlers Prey On Those Who Have Mental Illnesses, Chronic Physical Illnesses, And Who Want To Lose Weight

I know I am a cynic, and that is because I know the types who suddenly act as if they care about you so you can join their MLM or at the very least buy their products that they claim will benefit you. Unfortunately, here is the truth. Even though these Facebook groups are great for support (except for snobby weight loss support groups, but I will carry on), you have predators lurking around there. Preditors who are looking for their perfect ‘victim’ to join their MLM downline or to buy these overpriced products that you can find for a lower price at your local drugstore or supermarket.

Unfortunately, when it comes to Facebook support groups for mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety, chronic physical illnesses such as autoimmune disorders or fibromyalgia, or weight loss – MLM huns join the heck out of them to begin to prey on those who appear vulnerable in the groups. They may message you, add you, and even act as if they care about you initially. Either way, they are reeling you into their MLM trap until they tell you that their MLM company sells ‘miracle’ products to ‘cure’ you. It is predatory, it is evil, and it is gross!

Therefore, be on the lookout for those who seem overly friendly to you after you join any support group. They don’t really care about your wellbeing. Those who do will not message you out of the blue and aggressively. They may instead tell you on a comment thread about an issue you face to feel free to PM them if you need support, and will keep that optional for you.

By the way, it is not only those who are in groups that will prey on you. It could be friends of those on your list adding you out of the blue. It could even be an old high school bully pretending to want to make up and will send a phony apology. Or, it could be someone from high school who never knew you well but suddenly they care about being your friend! Look for the signs of these MLM predators. They message you right away, and are overly friendly, they act as if they care, then they reel you into their MLM scam! What is the best solution when you encounter one? You block them! It is as simple as that!

By the way, I found this awesome video revealing how these MLM huns scam people on Facebook, and it is almost 45 minutes, but it is worth a watch when you have time. I will leave it right here for you:

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