I have talked about online influence a lot in my previous blog posts. As yes it is important to be active on your social media networks, to be active on your blogs, to write up guest posts in your area of influence, to be engaging, and yes to have a high Klout score (by upping it the right way). Being influential online also means to have your own group on Facebook or LinkedIn like I do, called How to Dominate your Social Influence Using Klout Like an Expert and to be active in it. However one thing that I have not talked about which adds to online influence is having your own podcast!

Having a Podcast Will Serve You Well

How I could have missed that one I don’t know, however creating your own podcast, and sending it off to iTunes and other platforms is going to help you hit even bigger when it comes to influence in general! Why am I talking about this? Because very soon I will have my own podcast and will keep you updated! I am in the stages right now where I am organizing it, and yes it will have to do with social media, SEO, online marketing, business, and anything related to those niches. Will I have guests? Perhaps. I have a lot to organize and to learn about it. I am hoping though to have my first one out in a few weeks, before the end of the month! I will keep you updated on the plans!

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