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Are you Saying “No” to Klout?

I realize I have written many blog posts lately about Klout, including a guest post on it that went viral quite recently. I also realize I am one of the fewer individuals that see the big picture with Klout, not just their moments of “growing pains” that they have been having. Remember, social media in general is still a new trend, however a very important one that is just evolving all of the time. As a result, your social media presence is being monitored and measured because of how prevalent it is becoming. People do not want to accept this as a fact. It is getting to the point that what you do online spills over to your offline world.

I have heard enough people judge Klout and express their anger about the fact that it is there. Another thing I am seeing is that people are constantly deleting their Klout accounts because they just want to fight it.

In the short run, that may be fine since not everyone is looking at scores, yet. However, in the long run, that won’t be the case. I cannot express it enough. The more prevalent social media becomes and you know it will keep evolving, the more people will be paying attention to your scores and your online activity. I may still be in the minority in regards to knowing what the future holds for this, however I still am not the only one who is aware of this fact.

That is great if you are putting out meaningful content, engaging with others however you rejected Klout to the point you deleted yours. You may be noticed by your actions now. However, I am telling you right now, in the not to distant future, if you don’t have a Klout score because you deleted your account, no one is going to care what you are contributing online because they are not going to notice.

I am going to take this opportunity to ask you a question. If you have no credit, do you think you are going to have an easy time applying for a loan? A loan with a low interest rate that is? Absolutely not. If you have no credit or bad credit, you will not be granted a loan with a low interest rate. Maybe some private lender will grant you a loan regardless of your credit score, however the interest rate regardless will be high. The same thing is beginning to apply to you in regards to your online presence!! That is right. People are beginning to pay attention to your scores as well as your online activity in general. And again if you have no score to present, your online activity will be meaningless. Higher scores can help you land jobs (since more and more jobs require knowledge and proper use of social media), other opportunities that would be helpful or even essential to you, better customer service and more. It is starting to happen. In just a few years to come, this is going to be standard.

At the same token, as much as I want to stress the importance of a high Klout score, it is even more important to increase it the correct way. I am talking about putting out useful, tasteful and compelling content that others are responsive to all of the time. Don’t work up a high Klout score by putting out nonsense on a consistent basis, and definitely do not attempt to game the system. That will backfire. It will be in your best interest to work with it instead of fighting it!

Again, the first thing that will be noticed is your Klout score, however, the next thing that will be looked at is your content that you are sharing on your networks. This reality is here to stay! Accept it, learn about it and again, work with it!

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