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If you are a Blog Owner, are you Tired of Seeing This?

Forgive me for having to rant about a pet peeve of mine, again. I know I have been trying to not do that but this really bugs me and so many other bloggers- SPAM. Before I get into it I will start off by saying that I am glad that there are plugins available to filter the horrendous spam from ruining my blogs (and we all get this in our email as well so thankfully there is a spam area too). Not to mention it is great that there is the function to moderate incoming comments because usually only a handful of them are useful and relevant to your blog posts. Most of them are just useless spam.

But this is what I want to know. And if you are a spammer reading my blog (if you try spamming it, fine, but you won’t get far as it will be filtered and thrown in the trash), I have a question for you.

Do you seriously think you will accomplish anything by spamming people’s blogs? Most responsible blog owners who want to keep their blogs clean will moderate their blogs and not even look at your spam. Have you ever gotten business by spamming people’s blogs? Do you spam blogs with your website links because you think it will help your website rank higher in search engines? If you believe that, I hate to tell you this but that tactic no longer works.

Unless you are making a fortune by spamming people’s blogs (which I find very hard to believe), why are you doing it? You are not only wasting blog owners’ time but you are definitely wasting your own time. If you want to sell your services or products or affiliate products or whatever, that is fine! I do too! But I know one thing that spamming people’s blogs would not get me very far so take a hint as well. So take a few marketing courses and find out what methods work. If you spam for the purpose of ranking your sites high on search engines, I will repeat again- that no longer works. In fact using that tactic will create more harm than good nowadays! So in that case learn about what SEO tactics DO work!

Most importantly of all, if you have nothing useful to say then don’t bother going anywhere near my blogs. I am not interested in hearing about how well Viagra works, what the latest so called weight loss product quick fix product is (and yes I am losing weight but not through some so called magical MLM or other product that is “known” to give a quick fix), or whatever! So please, can the spam! For whatever reason you are doing it, it is not helping you and it annoys other bloggers!

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