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Many times when I am checking my Twitter feed which is too often really, once in a while I will spot a funny tweet in there like the one I had just spotted and HAD to retweet!

Tweets like that can really brighten up your day. Especially when it comes to days while you are in the middle of work and the principal at your daughter’s school calls out of the blue because some other kid attacked her with a branch of burrs and they all got stuck in her hair- and she needed to be picked up so she could be taken to the hair dresser in order to go through the ever so painful experience of removing them (and she handled it like a champ and that kid is thankfully taking responsibility for what he did to her). Yup, oh that happened yesterday. Fun times.

Anyway, if you are in a serious need of a chuckle, go check out this site It is a collection of hilarious and off the wall tweets that were sent out each day. Here is an example of what you would find on this site.

What is also great about this site is if you want to find funny tweets that are in general categories such as the Presidential Debates, American Thanksgiving, etc you will find some great ones. You can even find some random ones if you want to be surprised. There is also an option to submit one if you find a tweet rather off beat. Hey you can even vote for the best ones too! The ones with the most votes will end up on the first page of the site.

Heck, you can even create one yourself and submit that one! It may be accepted and if it is REALLY good it will be voted up and on the front page. Tweets like those have a high chance of being retweeted which will definitely help increase your Klout score. So why not! Get a bit creative if you wish or if you have the guts.

But why not check out this funny site that is filled with the best tweets around. You will be glad you did, especially after a hard day like I had yesterday!

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