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Last year during the holiday season I had written an elaborate post on social media and the holidays. In that article I had written, I had stated that it is a great idea to get engagement going by talking about the celebrations. This is a festive time for the majority of people. This time is also difficult for a lot of people who have experienced losses and hardships over the year. Many are distracted. They have their minds on shopping, cooking, cleaning, friends, family and even vacationing. There is also nothing wrong with people posting their holiday decorations on social media once in a while. Jewish people celebrating Hanukkah have posted pictures of their menorahs with the candles lit. Those who are celebrating Christmas have been posting pictures of their trees and other decorations. That is absolutely fine to do. In fact, I encourage it because you are sharing a part of your life with your connections- however don’t do it too often because there is such a thing as holiday overkill. Once in a while, it is perfectly fine. Remember, they want to know you and feel connected to you. However there is one thing to never do on social media during the holiday season that was not mentioned in the article I had written last year.

If you post a picture of your Christmas tree or menorah if you are Jewish, again that is fine- however never tag any of your connections in that picture. That is unless you know for a fact that all of your connections do celebrate Christmas or are Jewish. Although, if you are a business owner creating a strong online presence, that is highly unlikely. These connections that do not share the same belief as you, or celebrate the same holiday will find it very uncomfortable (and even offensive) if they are tagged in a holiday picture that is not part of their tradition.

However, the good news is, there are plenty of generic holiday themed images that are acceptable for tagging. The picture of the snowman above this post is one. And there is no need to worry about excluding your friends living in the southern hemisphere where it is currently summer. In fact, that is also a way to let them know what is happening in your life. Not to mention, that is a subtle way to remind them to appreciate their warm weather while you are getting the chilly weather and snow (unless you live in a warm climate as well). You can tag your friends in pictures of desserts and nice dishes. A generic holiday greeting is fine as well. If you are unsure of what kind of picture to use if you want to tag your friends- then ask yourself what kind of images make you comfortable and vise versa. Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes is always the best way to make that kind of determination. That being said, keep active during the holidays on your social networks, stay interactive and have a happy and safe holiday.

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