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It is interesting. During the weekend, I was checking my Facebook feed (well I do that everyday anyway) and a friend of mine who is normally a positive person was venting. I am not sure what the story really was and even if I knew, I would not blab it on here anyway. It is not anyone’s business. But she was basically saying that she had put up with so much abuse from a “friend” to the point where she could no longer take the “high road”. And I completely agree. Sometimes you can’t take the “high road” like so many so-called spiritual gurus say. Especially when it comes to defending yourself and your rights.

I mean it is one thing to walk away and ignore some stupid insult that someone who is clearly beneath you hurls out at you. That is when you should take the high road because you certainly never want to stoop down to their level. Especially if you are working on improving yourself as well as expanding your career. If someone keeps throwing personal insults at you say on Facebook or Twitter, block that individual and they can no longer do that. Whatever you do, do not exchange insults or else you are the one who will look just as bad as he or she does.

However, if these insults escalate to abuse and harassment, then taking the high road is not an option anymore. You need to protect yourself and to not become a victim. Don’t do it by throwing a bunch of insults at the individual. Threaten the individual that you will take legal action if this continues. Let them know you have documented everything you have said. Get the cops involved if you must. If you take the “high road” when it comes to abuse and harassment, you are just being a doormat and a victim. Learn to draw the line. Same thing goes for if you discover any harsh gossip that has been going on about you. If you discover that, you need to confront that individual and you certainly don’t have to be nice about it either.

My point of this is, I am tired of those who are trying to lead a positive lifestyle to tell you to “take the high road” if someone does something nasty to you and don’t tell you when you have to draw the line. When it comes to downright bullying, harassment and abuse, you CAN’T take the high road unless you want to be a perpetual victim.

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