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Okay this post has nothing to do with marketing but I needed to add this in! Forgive me, it is a bit of a rant! I am very lucky to have a supportive family that is helping us out when it comes to helping us financially in regards to my son’s ABA schooling. And he will need therapy and an alternative way to master academics for a while and hey that is okay! If it works in the end and if my son ends up living a good life in the end, then it is more than worth it. However, it is very, very wrong that families that have children who have special needs must pay for their children’s education!! And I hate taking from my family! I applied for funding for my son’s education and I was denied because according to their testing, “my son was high functioning enough to make it through the public system”!! BULL!!! We tried putting him in a special ed class part time at the local public school and his progress was much slower! If he stayed there it would have been a disaster. So back to my original question, why must parents or grandparents of children with special needs have to pay out of pocket to make sure their children received what they need in order to learn the way they can? Because if a child cannot learn like “typical” children do in “typical” classes then they must be forgotten about and ignored??

That is terrible and beyond wrong. Children with special needs HAVE potential to do something great in their lives and the fact of the matter is, they cannot learn like a “typical” child. And the public education system is getting worse and worse as time goes on that even “typical” children are falling through the cracks!! I know that things are poor economically but it is time to consider the future! What is our future? Our children!!! And so many children are coming into this world with autism or other special needs. When will the governments realize that they must make a change, a huge change in the education system if they want to avoid chaos in the future? Because what will happen if these issues are ignored for much longer?

More and more people living off of welfare or on the streets. Maybe overcrowding of group homes. And a horrible possibility is stressed out parents dying by the age of 60 from heart attacks due to having to care for their adult autistic children! It does NOT have to be that way! Again these kids CAN do something great, they have the potential. But the gifts cannot be tapped through “typical” education. They need specialized ABA therapies and specialized education. It is time that the government takes their heads out of the sand. Ignoring the situation is not going to make it go away. What will it take for the government to start taking this issue seriously and taking the appropriate actions?

Well the sad fact is, the government wants to keep their head in the sand. So that means it is time I do what I can to make sure that my son and other children in his position get the best.

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