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Let’s forget about any talk having to do with social media or anything else because it is just too frivolous right now. In fact how can anyone think of anything else after a tragedy happening like it did yesterday in Newtown, CT?

A gunman who shot his mother in a rampage drove over to the school where she taught and shot 26 innocent people, 20 of them being children, ages 6 and 7 years old. You just have to wonder why did something so horrific happen? And I can’t even and don’t even want to imagine what the poor parents of these children who were murdered so viciously are going through- right before Christmas yet. All we can do is support those affected- the parents of the murdered children, the surviving children who had to go through that horror and will go through emotional distress for a very long time, and the whole town of Newtown.

I may not be a fan of President Obama but he does love his family and the speech he made was touching.

Again, no one can explain why such a tragedy had to happen. But all we can do is support those affected.

I am grieving for all of Newtown right now. However, I realize as cold as it seems to think, I have to move on and not dwell on this as time goes by. I was not able to concentrate at all yesterday and even today I have been having a difficult time. If I am having a hard time, again I don’t even want to imagine what the parents of their children who were taken away so soon are going through. If you want to send a sympathy card to Sandy Hook Elementary school you can add yourself to the list through here.

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