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I never really realized how powerful visualization was until I started doing it. I have some strong wishes that I would love to see come to reality. And I have to say even though I have not reached my goals yet, I am seeing it all start to bloom.

What I did was create a vision board. I put the vision board on the wall of my bed. I bought a large piece of bristol board. I put pictures of every little thing I wanted to see come to reality. I cut pictures of them out in magazines and pasted it on the bristol board. I also found images on the internet and printed them out. I cut the pictures out and pasted them on the board. I even wrote down some things that I wanted to see happen on there too.

I want to say that having those images alone will not magically help you get what you want. It is there for you to look at every time you question “why bother”. Even if you are not in the area where the vision board is, tap into your memory and look at those pictures in your mind. What I do each night right before going to bed is soak in the images and imagine myself having it.

Am I there yet? Have I reached those goals? No, not yet. However like I said I am seeing things bloom and this is definitely not an overnight process. Seeing it all bloom is enough for me to keep going after it. It may not all come tomorrow but one day it will. Everyone is worthy of reaching their dreams.

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