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Many people are not aware of Empire Avenue and what it even does. Empire Avenue or EA is what you may call a game, however the benefits that come out of it are great. What it is, it’s a platform where you can buy and sell virtual stock which is based in a currency called Eaves. You are probably wondering now what makes your stock worth buying? In order to be considered a “good buy” all depends on your social media efforts.

Empire Avenue allows you to connect your social media networks, and the value of your stock depends on how active and engaging you are on your social networks. The more active and engaging you are, the higher your dividends are- and as a result, your stock increases because you will have more investors buying. It is not at all a coincidence that those who are considered to be “good buys” frequently have high Klout scores. And now I am going to talk about why I love EA.

I have to say that I find EA to be one of the best platforms online to network with people and form good and strong relationships. Many of them can turn into clients, customers or even joint venture partners- not to mention some great friends. And yes, you can create good relationships anywhere. However, with EA, you can find some very strong communities and end up connecting with others in different ways. I have to say that most of my tribe has grown because of becoming an active member on EA.

One powerful way to network is through conducting missions. Missions allow you to receive traffic or engagement on any social media platform of your choice, or you can even conduct missions for people to give you some website traffic and to join your list. The sky is the limit with that. However in order to conduct missions, especially good quality missions that other EA members will take- you need enough Eaves in your account. How do you end up with more Eaves? By having EA members constantly invest in you because your social media activities are strong as well as completing the other members’ missions and collecting Eaves that way. If you are consistent with doing those two simple things, you will end up with enough Eaves to conduct any type of mission of your choice. If you refer friends to Empire Avenue, you will end up with more Eaves that way too.

By the way, there are different levels of EA now as you have a choice of becoming a premium member. However, by being a free member, you can still get a lot out of EA. You will not be able to conduct more than 5 missions at a time, and I honestly find you really do not need to.

Just beware, like with anything else you need to use Empire Avenue with caution. Firstly. you will not want to invest in just anyone’s stock, especially if their dividends are low due to little social activity. If you invest too much, your dividends and stock will drop. You will also want to be mindful with how you conduct your missions and be careful not to game the system. Some who had the best intentions to not game anything have gotten carried away with it, and therefore ended up getting into trouble. And if you do take other people’s missions, be sure to complete them as if you don’t, you will be rated negatively and that will affect your stock and dividends. If you are unable to complete a mission (it does happen, especially if you are working at missions through your mobile phone and a mission leads to a non-mobile friendly site or if you become distracted and the phone rings, or if the computer crashes)- be sure to inform the mission runner. Chances are he or she will understand and allow you to complete at a later time and not give you a negative rating.

However, I do encourage anyone developing a social media presence which is a necessity for entrepreneurs and job seekers, or anyone dealing with the public professionally- to click here and join Empire Avenue. Chances are, once you join you may not know what to do with it. Be sure to contact me and I can arrange a time with you to help you out!

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