About a year ago I joined the Warrior Forum. It really opened up my knowledge about Internet Marketing and absolutely loved it. I found it highly resourceful and there are many others on there who are looking to succeed in their online businesses. There are plenty of members who run offline B2B businesses as well. Most want to help one another succeed because most of them had started off with little money and knowledge. They wanted to learn how to run an online and offline business successfully. So many of them go all out to help other members. Now like anywhere else you will have some scam artists on there too. Unfortunately it happens. But forget those as they are not important.

Many of the trusted marketers suggested to new members to join the War Room which is a private area of the Warrior forum and you get other good perks as well. It costs $37 for every 20 years, meaning it is unlikely you will have to pay for too many subscriptions lol. But I for a while I did not bother joining the War Room. I figured it was just a cash grab for a private room. But I was told that you will find many treasures that are more than useful for marketers. The more and more I heard of members saying how glad they were to join the War Room (and they were not going to get anything for advertising that by the way), I decided to give it a try.

I figured $37 is not going to exactly bankrupt me and I also am glad I joined! You can get all kinds of great gifts like free backlinks, free private labelled rights articles, free coaching, and other perks! So I say if you are new to the Warrior Forum, join the War Room! The only warning I can give you is, it can be information overload so be careful not to get lost in it. Find one thing that you feel you can work with that you can get from there and stick with it! But it is a treasure that place!

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