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Miriam Rachel

If you are a spammer who sends out recorded calls all the time, spamming email addresses (there is a law against that by the way but it seems to me that law is ignored often), spamming blogs in comments sections- do you really think you are going to get business that way?

What do I do if I receive a spam call from a marketing agency (one would think they would know better and the fact that they spam speaks volumes about what kind of agency they are)? I hang up immediately. Or I may tell you off if you are not a recording before I hang up. What do I do if I receive spam in my email? I delete it and may even report it, if it goes into my inbox which it has. What do I do if I receive spam comments on my blog? Delete!

Come on! If you are a business owner do you seriously think you are going to make any kind of sale by spamming people?

I understand that competition is fierce. Especially if you are in the marketing industry. Do you realize how many changes I have had to make over the years because of this particular fact? I have had to take some losses and I have had to change many things around to recover those losses.

One thing I would never do, in a million years is spam anyone! No one said that being a business owner is easy. In fact it is hard. And it is even harder for someone like me because I don’t want to be fake in anyway. I want to be real. I am not going to send out mindless so called inspirational quotes all of the time. I have nothing to hide. For instance, why should I hide the fact that I struggle with depression? This way, I can also weed out superficial clients. But the only way for anyone to be interested in what you offer is to keep up with a presence on social media. Talk to others. Interact with others. Keep blogging.

You will have to spend some money to advertise your business on social media channels. You will have to set out a budget so you create a presence. You need to become creative. You will have to make an effort to get yourself known. But spamming? That is out of the question. Just don’t do it. You will end up getting yourself into serious trouble. And make it harder for yourself to get new business!

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