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GoHustle – Advanced Team Competition from James Courtney on Vimeo.

Fifteen year old entrepreneur, Austin Courtney from Springfield, Missouri has recently founded a company called GoHustle. GoHustle provides a web app in which employees compete with their co-workers in a game, with the objective being to reach the highest sales or productivity level. GoHustle is for every type of business with employees. Austin states that this app provides the use of game thinking and game mechanics in a non-game context to engage users and solve problems. Even though it technically is not a game, it is fun to use and competitive. People are intrigued by that.

GoHustle is to be used to motivate employees through competition, which in the end leads to higher employee retention rates, happiness, and overall increased sales and productivity for the business. Therefore, win-win situations are created within the work place, and fewer problems will arise as a result. Not to mention, the app will be gorgeous to look at thanks to designer Tony Mack who has been working on the project. In order to get an idea of what the app will look like, be sure to visit Tony’s site for the type of designs he creates.

The GoHustle app has two different dashboards, the management and employee dashboards. The management dashboard gives you the opportunity to create, edit and manage games. The ranking of employees, as well as conversations they are having can be viewed. In the Employee dashboard they will have the opportunity to create tasks, view how the employees rank with their colleagues, how they are doing with sales, have the ability to create goals and can converse with one another. Austin has future plans in regards how to grow the GoHustle app even more.

This app could be used for more than just companies, any team working towards a common goal could be using GoHustle too. Charities, Political Campaigns, or Meetups could use GoHustle as well.

The 15-year-old was determined to create GoHustle due mostly to reading about the lack of employee motivation. He had many conversations with business owners about this issue as well.

Austin needs everyone’s assistance for getting this project out, and created a campaign on Indiegogo for this. He needs to raise $12,000 minimum to go towards the first version of GoHustle.

Austin seeks Richard Branson’s attention for this project, since he considers Branson as an ?idol in business? after reading his biography which got him more interested in entrepreneurship. Therefore what he hopes for is that Branson tweets about his project. This way, GoHustle has higher odds of being funded even sooner. With everyone’s help, if we all send tweets in regards to this Indigogo campaign, with @RichardBranson in the tweet, he could recognize that this is something people should hear about.

In order to read more up on this campaign, go to and help Austin make this a reality! Spread the news.

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