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When I have written about Klout in the past, I have talked about how it is an attention grabber for potential clients for your business, invitations, hotel/airline upgrades, or employers if you are looking for a job in any form of field that involves social media- or just some perks that may come up once in a while. However, I never really had gotten into another advantage of having a high Klout score. You may end up getting much better customer service, and the keyword is may– right now anyway. Down the road however, once it is more known, it will be very common to receive much better customer service for having a high Klout score.

Let me share an incident with you that had occurred. When I was staying in the Vancouver area last week, I have to say my experience at the hotel was not great, however I have had worse experiences. The A/C had broken down, and the WiFi was very unreliable- which is a very common issue. However later in the week it had pretty much completely crashed, and I had contacted the front desk clerk to let them know as I was still running social media campaigns for clients even though I was away. Well, the desk clerk had basically brushed me off by saying there was very little that could be done about the issue. Well, I immediately called back and firmly said to the girl I have a Klout score of 79, with a large and receptive following on my social media networks- if you don’t get someone to take care of the internet issue now, I will share this with my networks and I can reassure you that it won’t be a good thing for your hotel’s reputation. Within 5 minutes, a technician was sent up to the room, found that the modem had crashed and got it replaced immediately!

Now there is no guarantee you would miraculously get good customer service in every situation for having a high Klout score. With some situations you will not be able to win, however, it is becoming more and more of a common thing for people with high Klout scores to end up with better customer service.

As discussed in previous posts, if you have a high Klout score, it is an indicator that you are influential online, and that your following is receptive to whatever content you put out, the more relevant and capturing content you put out, the better it will be for you. However, at the same time I had also expressed why it is not a good idea to get too obsessed with your score. What you need to be more concerned about is growing your network, engaging with your network, putting out relevant and good quality content that will entice others to engage with you- and if you are doing that consistently, your score will take care of itself.

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