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What Words Would you Use to Describe this Picture?


Perhaps beautiful scenery, gorgeous flowers, lovely colors, stunning blue and purple sky, purple paradise, oh and the list goes on, at least a thousand more times. Because people are generally more visual, many are attracted to pictures and images. This is why image sharing social networks like Instagram and Pinterest are extremely popular. Not to mention, if someone tweets out a tweet with an image on Twitter, and shares an image on Facebook or Google Plus, that is a sure way to attract new followers- even more so than just constantly sharing updates without images no matter how interesting it may be.

Sharing your own images on your social networks is a sure way to sky rocket your traffic. Here are some steps to take to share images that will capture viewers right to your website-

1. Choose a Pleasant Royalty Free Image– You certainly are not going to share a grotesque image as that will be a sure way to repel users. There are many great royalty free sources around to find images that you will not get into trouble for using like as an example.

2. Find Quotes and Add it to the Image– Next to images, people love famous quotes- add a famous quote to your image and a great source for quotes is, and in order to add the quote to your chosen image, go to It is quite easy.

3. Watermark your Image– Once you are done with your image, be sure to add your website on the bottom of it. This way, this image will not only be technically yours- however, people will be inclined to look at your website and this is how you end up with more traffic.

4. Share it Everywhere– Definitely share this with your link on Pinterest, share it on Instagram, however be sure to share it on Facebook and Google Plus as well. You will be surprised at how many new followers you will end up with!

Go and get creative, and entice new followers with your images.

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