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autoresponder marketing

Is it not an easy task to create an effective email marketing campaign. It takes a lot of patience and diligence. And the tricky thing is, is that you must understand and follow the laws when it comes to spamming. The consequences could be quite grave if you don’t. However one huge thing to understand is that you need to have the right autoresponder to help prevent you from getting into trouble.

There are plenty of autoresponders out there. What you need to do is review the best ones by doing a search online. There are several ones like Aweber and GetResponse which are high quality but are not best to choose if you are trying to watch your dollars. There is an excellent one that is inexpensive called Rapid Response. And I will give you some advice, keep away from free autoresponders. Free will cost, and are risky when it comes to spam being delivered. Keep away from it at all costs.

Once you have found the right autoresponder, be sure to set it up properly. You may want to sign up with mine to get an idea of how to use an autoresponder, and to gain trust of your new list members. With mine there is a mini 10 day course , “Web Site Promotion tips Ecourse”. This course will give you a great idea of how to set up an autoresponder and to even use it to provide a mini free ecourse with some great tools (and if you want to use the course for your list in the end, feel free to use it).

You can also create boradcasts if there is an affiliate link you want to share- but do not do it very often! Do it once a week at most. If you do it more often than that, the members on your list will unsubscribe and complain that you are spamming them. You definitely do not want that. I would also wait to send broadcasts to new members until they have been on your list for a good 3 weeks. Use that time before hand to give them the opportunity for them to know you, and know what you can offer them before you start selling them anything. That is why I strongly suggest that you create an ecourse (or use the one that I have) in order to help your subscribers get to know you.

However, when the time is right to send a broadcast, and send one, you must act as if you have a lot of experience with the product that you are selling. And send one follow up email about it a few days after the initial broadcast. After that, let it be. Some will buy, and some will inevitably ignore it. If you have another affiliate link you want to broadcast, wait at least 10 days to do so. Broadcasting your affiliate links too often will result in members disappearing or worse, being accused of spamming.

I understand how it is wanting to make money fast, but nothing happens fast. I am a very impatient person and I still have not learned that completely because I tend to complain about how long it takes- for everything that I want to happen right away lol. However, when I do think about it logically, slow and steady wins the race. If you use your autoresponders properly and market your products or affiliate links in a smart way, you will too.

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