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Building influence goes way beyond building up a high Klout score. A high Klout score is an indicator that you have a strong presence, mostly online and to some degree offline and you are engaging with your network- however it is not the end all. If you really want to be influential in your area of interest or niche- you need to be prepared to work and to leave your comfort zone.

According to MacMillan Dictionary, the definition of influence is the effect that a person or thing has on someone’s decisions, opinions, or behaviour or on the way something happens. Someone who has influence has authority and power, and it can be used in a positive or negative way. It is how you use it, and in order to be respected and influential, you are going to be the one to share your knowledge and help others. You want to be the “go to person” in your niche.

In order to achieve that, yes, it is crucial to develop a strong online presence and learn what you can about how to do that through social media. However, you need to get yourself known offline as well. Here are some tips-

1. Write a Book– Write a book that is relevant to your niche, and don’t worry about it becoming a best seller. That is not the main focus (however that is definitely a bonus). Get your name attached to something that you have written that has to do with your area of influence.

2. Create Products– This is not just a way to earn money, however, if you can create an online course that is relevant to your niche, then definitely do it. You have something else under your name this way as well.

3. Create a Podcast– If you want to be known in your niche, creating a podcast is a must do! You can create a free show at BlogTalkRadio and it is very easy to do. Be sure to tell your friends and followers via social media when your show is, so they will spread the word for you even more as well.

4. Create a Web TV Show– I admit I have not gotten this far yet, however I will get there. However, many people are creating web shows and this goes beyond creating videos for You Tube or Vimeo alone. Networks such as Livestream give you this opportunity.

5. Speak at Events– You can go to networking sites like and find groups that are relevant to your niche to join. Offer to speak at an event. In fact, join as many groups as you can so you can create many opportunities.

6. Be Active Online– I am talking about not just being active on your social media networks, however, blog often about anything related to your area of niche, and be sure to send some guest blogging posts as well. Do this often!

These are some important tips you can use in order for you to stand out in your niche, and become influential at the same time. Be consistent with all of it!

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