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Facebook remains one of the most popular social media platform where the individuals belonging to the various walks of life with versatile demographic attributes congregate to socialize. This is the reason now it is being used as a powerful tool for internet marketing as the companies and brands do not have to channelize their traffic to these platforms but simply network with the existing users that fall in their target market segment. Promoting businesses or products and services through internet provides the businesses entities with an opportunity to enjoy the same benefits of advertising like any other corporate giant without spending much.

The major investment when it comes to marketing through Facebook is that of time, since this is an ongoing process. The companies can make use of some of the tips that are discussed in this article to make sure that they maximize their returns through this platform. Though there is much debate about buying Facebook likes, but companies do buy Facebook likes to motivate the other existing potential customers on this social media platform into associating with them and grow their community. However there are other multiple ways in which the businesses can make the most of Facebook and use it as a potential tool for themselves. When marketing through Facebook the businesses will have to keep in mind to;

1. Use Facebook covers as call-to action (CTA)

The Facebook covers provide enough space for CTAs. However, when designing the same the amount of text should be restricted to 20{a0065375a7e2d1c093abc1aba7894b1ad713a40df7f413d8a34d916c8e570350} of the image area.

2. Prefer comments over likes

Facebook makes use of EdgeRank to sift the news feed items. Thus the businesses marketing through this social media platform must make use of the activities that require commenting from the members of the page. As a result it will be easier for the followers to keep a track of the respective company page. It would be even better if the followers post images as replies.

3. Use the hashtag feature

This is a very useful feature that is often ignored altogether. Using the hashtag any content can be made available for searches. This feature is easy to use and very similar to Twitter.

4. Be the first to announce

Do not wait for the potential customers to read about happenings in the newspaper or other platforms. Whether the news is about the industry, an upcoming sale or a promotion use the Facebook page to announce this news to the audience. This will not only keep the interest level of the members high but also channelize traffic to the website where actual sales can take place.

Written by Kashif Raza
Globex Web Solutions

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