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Do people keep asking what exactly it is you do and how you are different from others (no matter how many times you explain)? Do prospective customers gasp in shock when you mention your prices yet happily buy the more expensive options offered by your competitors? Do you struggle to attract clients, collaborators and media attention?
Don?t worry, you are not alone.
Let?s face it, differentiation is getting harder and harder these days. Whether you are a lawyer or consultant, a blogger or a coach (well, especially if you are a coach), there are far too many people doing exactly the same thing you do!
That?s why I was really excited when my colleague, Ogo, created a training specifically to address this problem faced by many in business. I really want you to discover just how fast, simple and profitable it is to ?Distinguish Your Business!? in today?s economy.?GO HERE?to take a look and get your FREE Video training!
My colleague has been creating and delivering packed-out seminars off-line for years but due to global demand, she has finally brought this particular training online. And now, from the convenience and comfort of your home and office, you too can discover:
  • #1 ? How to??Distinguish Your Business!??in today?s jam-packed marketplace (don?t miss this class if you?re in a crowded market, industry or niche),
  • #2 ? Simple and affordable strategies to help you identify your target market, ?Create BuZZ? and be more memorable in your industry right now,
  • #3 ? How to?say what you do?in a way that inspires you and attracts clients, partners and media to your business without the stress,
  • #4 ? The simple yet costly mistakes that may be preventing you from effectively communicating your unique value to your ideal audience ? online and off,
  • #5 ? Real life stories of businesses that STAND OUT and Create BuZZ around the world,
  • #6 ? How to serve ?your ideal customers? with the ?WOW-Factor?, so they beg for more, spread the word and stick to you like super-glue,
  • #7 ??TheFool-Proof Formula?for creating very simple products and services that set you apart ? hands down!
  • #8 ? PLUS answers to your questions too, of course?
GO HERE?to take a look and get your FREE Video training!
Best regards on this lovely day,
P.S:?How much money, time, pain and frustration is your lack of distinctiveness?costing you? There are too many websites competing for people?s attention, everybody (and their cat) is now a blogger and the people around you may just be rolling their eyes thinking ?goodness, not another virtual assistant/coach/consultant/speaker/blogger etc.?
Whether you?re working on your branding, products, books, blogs, social media, company culture or customer service, bland is no longer enough.?GO HERE?now to take a look and get your FREE Video training!
ABOUT Ogo Ogbata- Ogo is the founder and director at Creativity and Sense Consulting, helps entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, creatives and experts with an inspiring message to distinguish themselves in a crowded market, communicate their value and achieve their goals. Get her best free tips to help you STAND OUT in your crowded market

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