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I have worked several years in SEO and understand how valuable it is to have your website rank high in search engines. In fact you will always receive more traffic if your website is ranking high on the first page of Google or Bing. However, does that alone guarantee you more business? I have to say not at all.

Having your website rank high on the first page of any search engine will still definitely be helpful, however I believe the odds of you getting more business from referrals through your networks than your page being found in the top 3 positions on any search engine is a lot higher! And you may be thinking right now Wait, my network is not that big, so old fashioned SEO will have to do. No, you must get out of that mind frame. Besides, growing your network is actually very easy if you are consistently active, join networking groups which are all over Facebook, Google Communities and LinkedIn, share good content, and engage with others!

Build Your Tribe

That is the trick to receiving more business. Building your tribe and attracting like minded individuals. Once your network starts to expand, a whole new door has opened for you and new opportunities begin to flood. Again, sure, if your website ranks #1 on any search engine, it will be the first one to pop up after someone types in a relevant keyword. Chances are the user will check your website out thoroughly, however, does that mean that he or she will immediately hire you for a service or purchase products from you? Not always. Tribe building is the way to go and I will explain how it will help you grow your business even more.

1. Word of Mouth – When you grow your network, you are gaining trust from others based on the fact you are engaging and putting good content out there. If you are offering a product or service that some of those in your network need or who have friends in need, who will they go to? How many referrals do yo think you would receive? Plenty! They would go to you because they trust you regardless of where your website ranks in search engines.

2. New Opportunities – While you are consistently growing your network, you may be connecting with those who can offer you some excellent opportunities that will help you grow your business even more. They could be offering you guest speaking, or guest blogging positions, and some may even want to joint venture with you on new business ideas to bring even more exposure as well. They may even connect you with others who they know who can help even bring you more business (goes back to word of mouth, except someone in your tribe is referring you to someone who they know), and the list really goes on.

3. Backlinks! I am sure you were not expecting that one. However, let’s look at it from a different perspective for a moment. If you blog about something, and if many of your connections are impressed, they will share it to their connections- and then you will gain new connections that way. Not to mention some of their followers will share your content to their following- and before you know it, your content will be all over the place due to endless amount of backlinks to your website and articles. Therefore, not only will you likely rank very high on search engines for your keywords of choice, however you will be everywhere! If people see that you are literally all over the place due to having your content shared by so many people through social media, whether they know you are not- they will be interested in what you have to offer.

Do not get too caught up on the idea of your website ranking high on search engines as being the perfect solution for you to get more business. Focus more so on delivering good content, being interactive online, and growing your network because you will receive a lot more business in the end from that than just your website ranking high up on Google or Bing.

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