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I am delighted to host another Spreading the Influence post and today I will be featuring Alexandria Barker.


Alexandria is the founder of Living Light, a company specializing in holistic stress solutions, personal development and spiritual growth. She runs her business and her life as an optimist, and is known for her ability to inspire and motivate people. Alexandria She is an experienced motivational speaker and workshop presenter.

She is a highly trained certified Yoga Teacher, Meditation Teacher, Pilates Instructor, Reiki Master/Teacher and Crystal Therapist and Belly Dance for Fun and Fitness instructor. For the past 12 years she has been educating and inspiring people to living their best lives and reducing the negative effects of stress through holistic practices.

Alexandria is an author, speaker and workshop presenter, former Editor-in-Chief of Relief Beyond Belief magazine, and former host/producer of TV Cogeco’s Relief Beyond Belief tv talk show. her life as an optimist, and is known for her ability to inspire and motivate people. Alexandria She is an experienced motivational speaker and workshop presenter.

As a speaker and coach, Alexandria uses her ?anything is possible? philosophy to encourage her clients and audiences to look beyond their perceived reality to the ?big picture? possibilities of their lives. Her clients learn quickly how to broaden their perspectives and inevitably their accomplishments. Alexandria was recently selected by The Toronto Star as a Turning Point winner for her achievements in this area.

Alexandria had offered this post to share-

Life flows so much better when you don?t have ANTs (automatic negative thoughts). So how do you get rid of them? Squash them like a bug! However, ANTs, like the pests they?re named for, are tricky buggers; sneaky, good hiders, and persistent as all get out. The first step in getting rid of them is to identify them. This can be tricky, they have a way of crawling around in our minds without our even noticing they?re there. They blend in, becoming part of the landscape of our minds.

I have some good news though. I?m about to share a quick simple way to free yourself of ANTs once and for all!
Set a timer for 20 minutes, sit with a notebook and write whatever thoughts come to mind. No judgment, just writing whatever comes.

When I did this exercise, my results were pretty astounding. I quickly filled two sheets of my yellow legal pad, both sides. This from a Law of Attraction teacher who coaches people on how to be happy? But there it was, in blue and yellow, all those nasty little automatic negative thoughts.
What they were doesn?t matter for the purpose of this article. What does matter is that even as I wrote, I recognized them as disruptive lies. Yet, there they were. It?s not like I took the time to invent them as I wrote, they came quick as thieves.


And thieves they are. Automatic Negative Thoughts will steal your dreams, your motivation and self-esteem, and send you spiraling head-long to the freezer for chocolate ice-cream.
Luckily, there?s a second part to this process. Break out the RAID! Time to challenge those automatic negative thoughts, hold them up to the light.
Go back to that list and take it one lie at a time.
Say, for example, they tell you you?re too dumb for ________. But you graduated high school, maybe even college, or have run a household for X years. You obviously have the smarts to make it this far in life, so you can cross that one off.

If your Automatic Negative Thoughts say you aren?t skilled enough for a venture you want to do, guess what? Skills can be learned. Cross that one off too.
I?m guessing the same holds true for most, if not all the items on your list. And even if you find one that?s true, no doubt there?s a creative way around it that will make itself known to you when you get those noisy Automatic Negative Thoughts out of your head! Give this technique a try and let me know how it works for you! Trust me, it?s 20 minutes well spent!

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