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If you want to be influential in your area of interest, you need to dish out good quality content on your social media networks. How do you know if your content is good quality? Not only do you find yourself receiving likes and comments, or what have you- however, if you are finding that your content is shared by your followers, then that is a sure sign that what you are sharing on your social media networks is good. If it was not good, then your followers would not want bad content on their networks! Besides, when your content is shared by someone else, it is easily tracked back to you. This is a great way to attract new friends and followers as well. That is certainly one huge benefit of having your followers share your content.

Here are Five Easy Ways to Get More Shares

1. Be Educational– If you want to share your knowledge with others, find interesting articles, or even better yet, create interesting blog posts about your area of influence and share it. Your followers will be interested, and many will share.

2. Be Entertaining– You can create a meme in good taste, and people will find that amusing. You will receive many shares in that case.

3. Post Eye Candy – People like to see nice pictures, ie of puppies, beautiful scenery, desserts, etc and even if it may not be relevant to your area of influence and there are no issues with copyright (better yet, take these photos yourself) people will love it. Better yet, if it is yours, add text to your image like a brief quote as well as your website. This way, anyone can easily see that content is from you directly.

4. Quotes Rock!– People go nuts over quotes as quotes receive the most shares, retweets and other engagement. You will want to find either inspiring quotes or quotes that are relevant to your area of influence, or better yet, mix it up. A site that I have found wonderful quotes from is, and share several each day. Be sure to copy and paste the quote you want to share and always give credit where credit is due. Be sure to always add who had originally started using the quote.

5. Consistency is the Key– Be sure to add content at least 3 times a day on your networks, if not even more however do not go overboard. If you are creating enough of a presence, your followers will be paying attention to what you share, and if your content is good which it must be, your content will be well received and that is how you develop your influence.

It is not difficult to get your followers to share your content. All you need to do is follow these methods and the next thing you know, your content will be shared quite a bit.

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