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That is Right, MySpace is Returning

Don’t worry, this is not another Klout post so you can relax now. But this certainly has to do with social media. This is in fact quite interesting news. Remember Myspace? Listen up.

When I was introduced to Myspace in 2004, I absolutely loved it- just like millions of others. It was the hottest thing around. However, as soon as Facebook became popular in 2007, people were starting to flock to that and began losing interest in MySpace. However, the interesting thing is that even that being the case- more than 75.9 million users a month visited MySpace in 2008. After that, MySpace did begin to die a horrible death and was completely taken over by Facebook. MySpace then became obscure and no one ever talked about having a MySpace profile whenever they discussed anything to do with social media.

Although, last year two young investors Tim and Chris Vanderhook had bigger visions for MySpace and wanted to resurrect it. After they had purchased the site for $35 million (which was a huge hit for MySpace) they had partnered up with Justin Timberlake who had great ideas for the social media dinosaur.

Timberlake had expressed at a recent news conference that he saw potential in the social network to be revived by bringing fans and music artists together and creating a community. In fact, his ideas may be working because MySpace had close to 30 million new visitors during this past summer. Not to mention there is a huge library of free music there.

A lot of people snicker at this idea about MySpace coming back, but Justin Timberlake is powerful when it comes to business and charm. He very well may be onto something. You just never know. Perhaps this time next year we all will have a MySpace profile again using it to connect with our favorite artists.

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