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Do you frequently share content on your social media platforms and yet you are finding that very few of your followers are liking it, let alone sharing what you put out? If that is the case it is not because they don’t like you. It is because your content may not be interesting enough for them to share. So whatever you do, never take it personally if you content is not going viral.

How Can you Make your Content Go Viral?

The good news is, there are easy steps to take in order for you to create content that has a high chance of getting tonnes of likes and shares.

1. Write Intriguing Blog Posts/Articles– If you can pick a topic that relates to your area of expertise, and write about it, elaborate on it and make it captivating, then odds are high that it will receive shares and likes.

2. Make Sure your Blog Posts/Articles are Long– Quality is always more important than quantity however, if you can elaborate as much as you can on what you are blogging about, that is the best thing you can do. Most people like to see blog posts that are at least 300 words. You can get away with writing less if you can add a video or podcast in the post.

3. Share Inspiring or Thought Provoking Quotes– People absolutely love quotes that inspires them, or makes them really think. Many of those quotes get plenty of shares. For instance, people love Einstein quotes and I love sharing anything Einstein related. Whenever I do, I immediately receive several retweets within seconds of sharing, as well as likes and a few shares on Facebook.

4. Share Intriguing Images– If you are known to share lots of “eye candy” so to speak, such as pictures of animals, delicious food, beautiful scenery, etc, you will receive lots of shares. Even if you did not “create” these pictures, people will come back to you to look at your other stuff that you did create and share those. Consider “eye candy” as good bait if you will.

5. Create Images and Share it Or share memes, in other words find a royalty free image photo (you can Google “free royalty free images” and there are many resources). One great resource is to find images that will not get you into hot water in regards to copyright issues. Download those that you like. Go to a meme creator site such as and add some text (make it positive whatever you, or thought provoking, or inspiring), and then you will want to mark it with your name, website or social media profile of your choice. Just make it yours!

If you want to be influential in your fields of expertise or interest, and want to grow a significant following, and in the end get new business, and as a side benefit to increase your Klout score, it is crucial to create content that will go viral! That is how all of it is done!

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