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Many smart SEO companies of the current era are making use of Facebook to indorse business. It seems that this social media platform has left others behind when it comes to providing a platform through which the individuals can connect and share. In fact it has evolved into a giant virtual market where existing and potential customers can interact with the businesses that can make the most of this tool for directly communicating with their target audience. It also provides the perfect opportunity to the businesses to make the most of their self-promotion and get people talking about the same. The main aim of the companies using this social media platform should be to;

  • Increase awareness among the customers
  • Develop brand identity
  • Broaden the reach of the respective company etc.

There are various different ways in which the brands and companies of varying sizes can use Facebook to promote business, which may include but are not limited to;

Create a Business Page

One of the foremost actions required for stimulating business through Facebook is to create a brand or company page, which the individuals who prefer the same can use as a platform for voicing their thoughts and other various purposes. Page should also include the listing of the entire product range offered by the business and should be personalized such that it reflects the brand identity of the business. Use this platform to share;

  • Notes
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Polls
  • Educational resources

Store updates

Fan photos and anything else that the target audience would like to see and enjoy.
Make Use of Classic Ads

The brands and the companies that wish to use Facebook for publicizing products and offerings should not ignore the Facebook ads which are featured in the side columns and called the ?marketplace Ads?. These ads comprise of;

  • A headline
  • An image
  • Copy

Click through link (that takes the visitor to a webpage and/or application which might be outside this media platform)
This form of advertising on Facebook includes;

  • Demographic targeting of the users
  • Ad testing
  • Fixed ad budgets

Built-in performance tools etc.

The brands and businesses interested in marketing business through Facebook should make sure to use interesting tactics like;

  • Contests
  • Sweepstakes
  • Promotions

to get target audience attention and also create brand awareness among them. These businesses however will be required to use a third-party application for these contests direction about which can be provided to the users through the social media webpage. While some of these applications are free others are available at very reasonable rates.

Post written by Kashif Raza, of
Globex Web Solutions

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